What to do when the internet’s down when you really wanted to get some dailies out of the way for lesser charms? Why write blog posts of course! And what better way then by telling you about the latest project to grace this nutty little brain of mine – to get Insane in the Membrane now that I’m no longer hindered by the irritation that was Darkmoon Faire reputation, whom I am revered with on my Mage, and the fact that I was already a fair way towards being exalted with the goblins after the Hyacinth Macaw farming incident ((I spent about 2 months grinding pirates near Booty Bay for that thing to no avail)) and didn’t fancy losing that and having to grind it back again, purely so that I didn’t get horribly murdered everytime I went to goblin-land, and all because of the glory of account wide achievements! I’d love to have the reps on my Priest to go towards the ever extending exalted reputations achievement but it just wouldn’t make sense so in comes Jaedia the potentially insane Mage. Well.. she is a pyromancer at heart after all (bring on the 5.2 buffs!).

I was talking to Reliq about my brief moment of insanity on Gtalk a few days ago and he said he’s also tempted to go for it, so.. here we are. I believe Hunni, our guild’s delightful kitty Druid, might be joining us too, and honestly, the idea of doing this feat of strength is suddenly quite exciting to me! There can be long rep grinds interspersed with Mumble chat and larfs, we’ve both decided to level Rogues to make the Syndicate grind a little cheaper (rather than paying somebody), and it’s a pretty nifty goal to work towards. I’m quite looking forward to the idea of being Jaedia the Insane now and this guide is immensely helpful. Still going to need to do a little research into how many lockboxes we’ll need each and so on but it’s very nice to have up-to-date advice.

We’ll likely start with Bloodsail Buccaneers, which is another feat I’ve always wanted but didn’t have the heart to make myself goblin hated for, and go from there! And meanwhile I shall be levelling my little Rogue. Wish us luck!