I had a lot of fun writing about my WoW updates last week so I thought I’d do another about my Mage since dinging 90!

I so have a little girl crush on Wrathion *licks*

The first thing I did was made sure she had all the craftables available.. apart from the Jewelcrafting neck and rings because I always seem to replace them uber fast, though I regretted that a few days later when I’d still had no luck with a ring and ended up crafting one and using justice points to buy another! I’d bought the Inscription offhand and crafted the two epics on my Priest for her, though Dan wanted to send me a gift of the same gloves so I equipped his and sold the ones I made for 1900g which is a nice little boost towards the Brelly Yak I’m saving for!

Next I believe I did some dailies with Dan.. no! I tell a lie, a bunch of us went to Icecrown 25 for Rippur’s legendary quest and transmog. We all hopped on Mumble and had a laugh. Rip got a fair bit done for his quest which was awesome, I got a handful of weapons and 3 tokens towards the normal mode Mage tier 10. It was a good night. So good then we went off and did Sunwell, where I got that gorgeous book offhand, and Black Temple afterwards. Funtimes!

Friday I finally had the chance to start doing some gearing and popped into a few heroics. I got a couple of upgrades that evening (I think? Or was that Thursday?), and more fun was had. I believe we also did Mogushan Vaults LFR on Friday as well which is where I tested out Arcane, got a trinket, flailed about looking for decent guides and blogs and such for Mage advice, and a very wise Mage on Twitter reminded me that so long as you’re having fun that’s all that matters, damage is still high anyway. So yeah, fuck Arcane, I’m staying Frost. It’s a little higher than Fire at the moment and a lot of fun. Arcane’s too.. stand still and spam this for my liking. *yawn*

Saturday I suddenly remembered it was Saturday and tried to get the Saturdayist or whatever it’s called and also hoped for some nommy loots in the little boxes. There were 3 or 4 of us in rotation and we did 8 scenarios towards the guild goal which was awesome, and had a good chat on Mumble with Steve and a newer guildy who is turning out to be a fun person. I like her. Didn’t get much gear doing random scenarios but lots of achievements, a pair of 463 ilvl bracers and I’m just 3 off the Saturday achievement now which I can specific another Saturday.

Shortly after this one was taken, those two started pressing space bar. A lot. Hilarious!

I believe it was also Saturday when I was in Ironforge (it’s been pointed out to me that Ironforge is a much nicer place to chill and do auctions than Stormwind because “portal plz mage” gets really annoying) and a Gnome started waving at me! This is nothing new. Gnomes wave at me quite often so I smiled at it and then I was asked if I was Jaedia from Twitter! ‘Scuse my excitement but this was my first CRZ meeting with anybody. It turned out to be Nev from AH Addict and we had a nice little chat. /wave! 😀

I spent a lot of Sunday finishing off Dread Wastes to make sure I’d unlocked all of the Klaxxi dailies and rep I could while queuing for specific dungeons, I’d found myself a little unlucky the previous few days so decided as I was valor capped it’d be best if I queued for dungeons that I could actually get drops from. By the end of the night I was 1 ilvl off being able to do Heart of Fear and ToeS LFR (thanks Love Dungeon!), so today I specifically queued for a few more and got myself a hat! So Dan and myself pootled off and did the first part of HoF. I still haven’t done the rest of LFR because we spent the evening doing Naxx 25 with a few of us, as well as Sarth 3D 25, Malygos 25 and a little later myself and Kait did Trial 10 man. Again, a lot of fun and I picked up soo many shinies my bank is crying! Here’s my new transmog as a result:

I’m really happy with it! I was running around in full tier 6 before because I’d struggled to come up with something unique but this works for me. It’s a nice mix of all sorts and yeah – yay! I’ve put in a lot of effort to gear this fast (the joys of being unemployed?) and I’m really pleased with how far little Jae has come in such a short time. She’s about ready to start joining in with guild raids! Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me for the rest of LFR tomorrow. Now I’m off to level a panda Rogue for a little project which I may talk about another time. :3