• De-cluttered my sidebar. ‘Other blog’ links can now be found on the ‘About’ page. Top Commenters and Most Recent Reviews widgets are gone. And many buttons that were there just for the sake of it are also gone. I also moved things around a little. A huge benefit for my sidebars is that bottom section of my blog where I can plop my archives, calender, tags, the meta section and the stats which I like to have up for personal reference but not for showing off. I also added ‘Recent Posts’. Never bothered with it before but I’m always interested to take a look at this widget on other people’s blogs so there it is.
  • Stole a post idea. Thanks Ellie for the ‘X-Month of-Year in Retrospect’ idea. I may get started after February now.
  • Tidied the challenge page. Removed anything pre-2013, as well as the massive list of challenges I was considering signing up for this year and didn’t. I’ve also added in the buttons (which still need some reconfiguring if I can work out what to do with them) and a couple of series I’m working on reading for Seriously Series.
  • Blogroll tidied. I’d tidied my section of the blogroll page before Bloggiesta started, tidied my sidebar blogroll links to bring it more in line with the page. Deleting a couple I don’t really read and adding a couple I have started reading as well as Naithin’s choices who previously weren’t in the sidebar blogroll but now are. More will likely be added when Google Reader has been fully organised and tidied.
  • Poked Naithin. Yep. I said *poke* and everything. We discussed tidying up the post format for reviews to make them less of a chore for us.
  • Moved the post comments link. Previously, it was at the top of posts. I’ve never been able to find an option in my theme nor do I have the coding know-how to fix it so it was stuck. I finally had a Google and found a plugin to “unhook” the post info and post meta code, found the right pieces of code and what to do with this plugin and moved it from the top, to the bottom. So finally, when you read my blog posts and want to comment it will actually make sense because the link is at the bottom!! You have no idea how long this tiny little thing has been bugging me for.
  • Added most recent review to Goodreads. I’m usually pretty good at this I just forgot this time. I remembered to add it to Amazon just not Goodreads.
  • Turned my Broken Link Checker plugin back on.. Why it was off it beyond me. Went through almost 2,000 broken links and there are 3,000 more. Yeesh.