This weekend there is going to be a mini Bloggiesta event around the blogosphere. I keep meaning to participate in these and finally one has fallen when I’ll actually have a chance to join in. So it’s only a mini one, but I have a few things I need to sort out around the place so I’ll see what I can squidge in.

Weekend Goals:
  • Write a few posts in advance in the aim of doing that more often
  • Sort through Google Reader and Twitter follows thoroughly so that the feeds are more useful and interesting
  • Tidy up blogrolls properly
  • Catch up on emails after the holidays
  • Start visiting blogs more often
  • Tidy the challenges page
  • Poke Naithin
  • And take a look at whatever mini-challenges might pop up

If any more ideas come to me I’ll be certain to write them down, but generally I’m not too bad at keeping up on the bits and pieces of the blog that need tidying up.