I promised one Miss Kaitz that I would blog on the Menagerie. Okay so that was a week ago and I was supposed to tell you about the adventures of Pinky but I thought it might be nice to talk a little about what I’m upto right now, because what I’m upto often seems to elude many.

Honourary picture of Pinky on the fish bike

I suppose I’d grown bored. Dailies had killed my spirit and all there was was raiding and the endless grind so I’d backed away a bit. Again. I’d even considered cancelling my payment until I wanted to play again but thankfully I didn’t and over Christmas I actually did a few dailies because I felt like it. When I got back home in January I was all ready to carry on watching through Supernatural and I figured why not farm Skyshards while I do that? So I did. I got one then decided to do dailies with that time instead. Then I had a brief addiction to the Walking Dead game.. I say brief because I played it until I reached the end (I still owe you guys a blog post on this game, it’s absolutely amazing). Then decided I really should level my Death Knight if she’s going to be doing transmog runs.


Soupdragon had almost gotten to 86 before being pushed aside and abandoned for the apathy so it was only natural that I came to her first of my two 85’s. I ran through Jade Forest, Krasarang Wilds (which finally netted me Loremaster of Pandaria yay!), Valley of the Four Winds and finally, Dread Wastes where I died.. died.. and died again. I had to force myself but I got her to 90 and then decided I was happy and wanted to gear my Hunter.


Kaitz runs a fair few transmog runs on her wolf-lady Death Knight and asked me one night if I’d like to come along for the Illidan bow so I did. It was a lot of fun! Kait met Snowflake and Baskilisk, we talked about politics and cookies, and discovered that I am in fact a glaive magnet. (Grats Kait on your glaive! Our mine, if Toman’s gtmod is to be believed xD) Yep, a glaive dropped! Woo!

Dan has the offhand, Kait has the mainhand, I was there for both. I am.. the Glaive Magnet

We did Naxx 10, and on the next reset did it all again along with Mogushan Vaults LFR where I got a hat. It’s mucho fun, but see.. Reliq wants a Mage for raids and I have a Mage.. I would have stuck with my Priest who is very well geared considering all that apathy (aside from her hat) but I believe another lovely guildy is wanting to reroll to her Shadow Priest and there are many Hunters everywhere as is *sad*.


So next up, I decided to speedy-level my Mage. You have no idea how glad I am to be rid of frickin’ Twylite the Blood Elf Mage who on entering random groups I had to inform them that I named her before I’d heard of the crappy sparkly vampires.. but that Jewelcrafting daily with the sparkles? Yeah, she was often glittering. Sigh. Anyway! Jaedia the Draenei Mage is much cooler. She was never abandoned, her professions are all levelled up and useful, she has some wicked transmog pieces and I really enjoyed levelling her the first time (hi Steve!). She has good memories.

I forget whether I started her in Jade Forest on Thursday or Friday.. Actually I think it was late on Thursday night, I didn’t do very much but I got started then Friday dinged 86, today she’ll ding 90. That might be the fastest I’ve levelled a character from 85-90 without going without sleep and other vital things! The Darkmoon Faire roundabout definitely helped.

“Time for bed,” said Zebedee

And Frost has somehow become an amazing spec! It’s as fun as Fire with all its crits and procs, and I get to play around with transmog again. I was way too happy with my Fire Mage transmog to change it. Dan and Rip helped me through Black Temple and Mount Hyjal for tier 6 a few days ago and I (*cough* jammy git) picked up all 5 pieces and my Draenei Mage looks wicked in it! Last night a few were doing ICC for transmog fun and.. well.. I know I should have been levelling but I can’t say no to ICC sooo I went along and picked up a few weapons including a mad looking wand which I think possibly scares Reliq going by his reaction, so I’ll definitely be using that if I have a wand.

Left to right: Ysaera, me, Rippur, Severiti and Splish

As for now, I’m hoping to give guild raiding another shot. I picked up a bunch of BoE stuff for my Mage when she gets to 90 and she had about 3500 Justice Points leftover from Cataclysm that I’m fairly sure I had been saving up, plus come tomorrow I’ll get in a Sha group pretty easily so I think she’s going to be geared. Note: If any Ghostlands folk notice the intellect Darkmoon Faire trinket for a decent price (less than 9k), please let me know! And can start joining back in with guild raids sooner rather than later. 🙂