I keep seeing entries for Matty’s Movie Mog Contest around the blogosphere during my tidying of the Reader and blogroll adventures and thought it’d be fun to join in!

I spend a lot of time just playing with MogIt ((I’m planning to do a guide on how to use it soon as I’ve had a lot of questions about this)) so piece of cake.

My favourite movie is non-existent. Not only am I not a big movie watcher, but when I do I tend to keep adding to the list of favourites so I thought I’d go with one that made an impact on me recently: Pixar’s Brave. Yeah, it took me this long to watch it but Merida is an amazing character, the exploration of the bond between mother and daughter is utterly amazing, and the Celtic fantasy world it is set in had the fantasy and history geek in me jumping up and down.

While I know the rules said three characters, I wasn’t entirely sure how to mog the three little brothers or the gigantic dad so have two. I’m also aware that this particular mog would have looked better with a cloth robe but Merida would have to be a Hunter mog and so it had to be mail. This is also how I managed two characters!

Merida and her mother

A better image to base Merida’s transmog on

– For the robe look I’ve combined Wave of Life Chestguard with Kilt of Spiritual Reconstruction and popped on a Blue Workman’s Shirt for the sleeves.
– The bow is Satyr’s Bow from Dire Maul.
– Sadly I can’t add in a quiver but I have used Fortified Belt for the tan strap attaching the quiver to her.
– And the cloak is Blackmetal Cape. The only cloaks I found any plainer were too short or golden edged so I thought the Celtic-styled pattern suited the character quite nicely.

As for the bits I’ve not included in my image, but just to complete the mog for folk who might like to wear this I’ve gone with Grunt’s Pauldrons for the shoulders which both match and can be reasonably ignorable. Fastfuse Gloves suit the set quite well and don’t hide her hands completely. As for boots, I’m not 100% sure what boots she’s wearing so go wild and pick something brown. I equipped Plane-Shifted Boots at random trying to go for a basic look.

If only Gnomes could be ginger… This image of the family inspired me to complete Merida’s mother’s human outfit

For Merida’s mother I was able to use cloth – woohoo! When it comes to weapon, I’d go with something gold but her mother isn’t seen wielding a weapon so I haven’t included one in the image.

– For this robe I thought Conjurer’s Robe has the right pattern to make it look as though it flares to match the characters’ dress. Sadly the sleeves aren’t flared so I had to make do with coupling it with a Cerulean Filigreed Doublet, which is available from Dalaran. The colours aren’t perfect but the look is much better than without. And trust me when I say the sleeves are flared ingame, WMV is just stubborn.
– The belt took me a little bit of browsing but Ruthless Gladiator’s Cord of Accuracy is the best I could find to suit her golden chain-belt style. With the pattern on the robe, it gets away with not having the chain hanging down at the front.
– The crown absolutely has to be Eye of Theradras.
– And I threw in the Mistyreed Gloves as well. They don’t cover the sleeves and hide reasonably well too.

The shoulders not featured in the image I think suit best are Green Silken Shoulders. Again, they match with the colour scheme without standing out too much. And shoes, again.. go nuts. I’m not sure you ever really see Merida’s mother’s feet but I just went with Boots of the Mourning Widow.

I’d love to see more entries for this contest, it’s a lot of fun!