Ellie’s post: How to Experience a Good Blog Tour is definitely one I wanted to share. I am certainly guilty of signing up for blog tours on the blogger side of things and feeling unsure about what kind of content I’d like on my blog and the author/publicist on the other side needing some idea from me.

Don’t go in expecting to sell loads of books. It’s about getting your name out there. It’s publicity not marketing. Also remember not everyone is going to love your book. Reading is subjective and every single person will take something different from the experience. Don’t expect bloggers to lie or exaggerate just because you may have paid someone to organise the tour.

This is just the thing. I come across many blog tour hosts who outwardly tell you, the blogger, that if you can’t post a “positive review” then please host a guest post or something else instead because the tours are about promotion. I personally have fallen for this a couple of times because I’ve signed up for a tour, started reading the book and then realised I couldn’t read any further so I’ve hosted a boring pre-written guest post instead. Looking back, perhaps I was wrong to do that. While tour hosts see a not-so-positive review as negative press for the author, blog readers still see it as what it is: a blogger’s unpaid for opinion. The blogger has taken time to read as much as they can and write down their honest thoughts and readers respect that. Hands up if you skip past blog tour guest posts because you’d rather read something else? Now put your hands up if even reading a critical review of an author’s book has perked your interest in the author enough to take notice in future? Just because a review isn’t what you expect doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of your book.

On the other hand, Celine seems to have taken issue with a certain author’s phrasing and posted her thoughts on The Truth About Blog Tours. This post also gives a little advice to authors wanting to do a blog tour for their book, but it is more advice about how to treat bloggers and what to expect as opposed to Ellie’s tips on how to make your tour a little more fun. Both posts are fantastic at getting their points across.

We are not industry professionals and we do not get PAID

We do this all because of our love for books… we’re people, and we are volunteering to read your work. And that means that when life gets in the way, we will pay attention to our lives, and not to that pesky little guest post we were supposed to post. It is up to the touring agency to make up for the blogger that didn’t follow through. If it’s a good agency, they will make up for the one that didn’t get posted with one at a later dates. I know some very good ones that always keep some extra bloggers ready for posting just in case something like this happens.

This is the one that publishers, publicists and authors alike forget most of all. We bloggers do this as a hobby. Sure, we get free books but that does not obligate us to read them. We are not getting paid and we have lives and jobs that need to take priority. There are bloggers with families, full time jobs, health problems, school, and all sorts that need to take precedent over our blogs and once in a while we might miss a review or a guest post because of this. We don’t mean to do it, we’re not slacking, it’s just something that happens and you need to understand this. That’s not to say you can’t politely ask us if we’re still able to post if you haven’t heard from us, sometimes a friendly nudge might be what we need when life gets in the way, but please please remember that book blogging is our hobby and we do have other things to do as well so we do slip up once in a while.

Personally, I’m considering just not bothering with organised tour content any more. It’s a lot of hassle and work and I’d like to post as and when I can, and when something takes my interest. Perhaps instead of a blog tour spot, it’d be much better to just say “oh no thank you, I don’t run blog tours here right now but I’d be happy to host something fun from you at some point as your book sounds right up my alley”.

Encourage authors to promote for fun, and everybody is happy!