I think almost every blogger’s reaction to Google telling us that they will be turning off Reader in July had many of us in a tizzy. Oh god? How will we check our favourite blogs with all of the utibility of Google Reader? What’s even worth using outside of Google Reader? Do I have to subscribe to all of these blogs all over again?

Never fear. I did some research and came up with what seems the best alternative.

Feedly is available for Chrome and Firefox, and a few smartphones, as well as for Kindle. It has a snazzy news style look, though you can change it to be more like a list like in Google Reader (which I tend to prefer for browsing). It has a lot of fantastic features and if you sign up for Feedly before Google Reader closes its doors, it has the fantastic option to transfer your Google Reader data directly to Feedly, even down to the folders, without a single bit of hassle. If you’re looking for the best alternative I heartily recommend Feedly. Sign up and have a play around with it.