So I keep wanting to talk about anime and I’m struggling terribly to find a forum community I feel comfortable on! Not to mention how I’m a big stop/starter when it comes to watching anime. I go months at a time without watching any but when I do I like to talk to other fans.. just not the nasty kind, or the kind who are into lolicon (no matter which way you look at it, lolicon fans are justifying sexualising minors *shudder*).

I considered then using one of my blogs to occasionally talk about my anime loves, I mean.. I have four! But it doesn’t really fit on my gaming blog. Sure I can talk about JRPGs over there but anime? Nah. I think it’d turn the majority of my book blog readers off.. I know a few of them are into it but generally it’s just plain offtopic. Manga could fit there, and Japanese-to-English translated fiction, but not anime. The personal blog is out of the question because that is first and foremost a place for me to talk about my life when I feel I need to rant. And it definitely doesn’t fit on my writing blog. So here’s my fifth blog. As it’s due to fall to little time just like the personal and writing blogs, I picked a free blog and decided to try out Blogspot properly. I hear it has a lot more flexibility than WordPress’s free mode.

Then it just called for a name. I toyed with ‘Hanime’ for the 10 seconds it took me to decide that was just a novelty named, and Shinigami Only Eat Apples, which is of course a quote from Death Note, and I also played with the idea of El Psy Congroo which is a quote from Steins;Gate, however the latter’s decent urls were taken so Shinigami is is.

All that’s left now is to fiddle with the theme, layout and header image and find a few blogs and news sites I actually enjoy reading. Don’t expect an overly active blog here but please do add me to your readers! I like to opine on anime and will likely come here to squee and share my opinions and so on.

El Psy Congroo.