*waves madly* Hi! I thought I’d jump on the monthly roundup bandwagon. I haven’t necessarily been up to much this month but it’s still a good a time as any to start. Like the name? Thought I’d go with something to match the blog’s name for once!

During March, I’ve mostly been playing a lot of World of Warcraft. I’m an officer in the guild I’m in and it’s something I do with my other half and our ingame friends. I enjoy myself so much that it’s quite badly affected how much I read. As book blogging is still considered my primary hobby, I’m not okay with this and have spent the past month working out how best to fix my reading schedule and only over the past week has that started taking any affect. With any luck I’ll be back to normal soon with a slightly different idea for what to post on any given day. It didn’t help that there were a few issues with moving the blog from one server to another so I held off from blogging for a little bit until that could be sorted but we’re there now.

I also had a little issue with a blog tour which I’m not going into but it has inspired a post which I haven’t written yet giving some advice on how to deal with authors and publicists when things go wrong, as sadly the folk who read posts about how to treat book bloggers already know how to treat them. With any luck I’ll be getting this post sorted and posted in the next couple of weeks.

And I received the final Soul Screamers book and the Eternity Cure for review! I’m not accepting review books at the moment, this still stands, but these are both series that I’ve been loving so I really wanted to help promote these ones.. and read them. I will always be just a little bit weak.


As I decided in February to switch around how I do things around here, March was the first proper month I started blogging for me rather than an audience. I figure this also works better for my current readers. No more trying to be a book blogger, I am one.

During my little time off, I started watching anime again and decided to start up a blog. I participated in my last blog tour for a while (Tomorrow Comes Media being the exception to this rule) which showcases Storm Dancer by Rayne Hall. I know most of you are uninterested in spotlight tour stops but I showcased Storm Dancer for good reason – if you like dark epic fantasy, you’ll want to check this one out. I’m going to squeeze it in soon, I really can’t wait to read it.

We also had the (actually a little shocking) news that Google Reader will be closing its doors permanently in June. I suggested my choice for a new feedreader. I’m still hoping there’s a fix for images being all over the place within the reader but aside from that I love my choice of reader.

I also ran my first response post regarding a couple of fantastic blog posts about blog tours. I had a lot of fun with this one and definitely plan to do more! Then I opened up yet another way you can follow Once Upon A Time, which there is now a button for in the usual place, and complained about my lack of reading.

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My review situation has been incredibly poor of late. This one review I have to share with you took me 2 nights to write and format, and is my first in precisely 2 months. However, exciting (for me anyway) news is that I’ve changed the layout! Previously, I had way too much unecessary information and long blurbs and it took way too long to put together so I asked around on Fantasy Faction for the kind of information folk like to know and came up with this new layout. It still takes a little while but it’s all information that I know people are interested in.

31/03/13 – Decoy (Assassin’s Rising #1) by S.B. Sebrick

What I’ve Been Reading

Started: The Midnight Spell by Rhiannon Frater & Kody Boye – The Painted Man by Peter V. Brett
Currently: The Midnight Spell by Rhiannon Frater & Kody Boye – The Painted Man by Peter V. Brett
Finished: The Black Company by Glen Cook

*kicks dirt* Shup. Next month will be better. And I’ve almost finished The Painted Man! Determined to have reviews for all three of his books by the end of April. That is in part because The Daylight War (book three of the same series) was sent over for review from The Book Depository. Have to say, I love their new review feature for affiliates.

Plans For April

My plans for April consist of working a little harder on the blog to make it much more my own space in the book blogging world as so far, I haven’t given you guys much, and to work harder on my reader schedule. I like to make sure I have at least one hour to read per day, up to 3 or 4 hours preferably, however, and I really want to ensure I’m able to read efficiently and get the reviews out that I want to be getting out. April will be a better month.

A couple weeks ago, I landed on my challenges page and challenge goal post and realised how little I’ve done towards these so very soon I’d like to get cracking on the classics, freebies and series I’d like to get reading.

I have also signed up with Tomorrow Comes Media, which I will explain a little about soon. I know I have said no more guest content, no more blog tours, after the bad time I had recently, but I can’t say no to Stephen Zimmer. This is a company with a community, who cares about bloggers and authors and I’m proud to be a part of their promotional good times. 🙂

Anything you would like to ask me or suggest? Leave a comment!