Monday my car went in for its’ yearly MOT and it failed. Nothing especially scary, a bunch of welding basically but the garage we go to quoted the price to fix it at almost £500. Well.. he’s 230 miles away but my dad’s a mechanic. The cost for my dad to fix it? £20, and maybe £60 for petrol (as I can’t afford 460 miles worth of petrol). So Tuesday night he asked if I could come down.. on Wednesday. *gulp* So I had a bit of a panic for several hours about driving that far on motorways on my own, got over it then realised I’d be without Dan for the time I’d be in Leicester as well so got a bit panicky about that too (he has a phobia of being driven so told him I wouldn’t put him through that for this), then worked out which books to take with me as I’d nearly finished Liberty Tree.

I actually had a bit of a giggle at myself when choosing my books. I knew I wanted to go on a bit of a chick lit binge and I have a small tbr pile of chick lit books that have come through for review, unrequested but definitely not unwanted, plus Storm of Swords and another that came through the post the other day, Red Moon, and then my Kindle and.. basically I brought all but a few of the chick lits. Thing is? I don’t tend to get much reading done at my dad’s because he watches the TV really loud at night and besides, I don’t see him much so I sit with him watching this, that and the other. So it might seem a little pointless bringing so many books, and perhaps it is, but I don’t know about you guys but when I come to choose my next read I like to have a choice, because if I pre-pick a book, I’m almost guaranteed to not want to read it, and I have so many paperbacks I want to get through! Really, I didn’t need to bring my Kindle but I figured just incase none of the books I brought with me appealed, there’s always something on the Kindle.

Well anyway, the other thing that tends to happen when I pop back to Leicester is a trip into the city. I can’t be in Leicester without visiting their epic branch of The Works. Two floors of cheap-book bliss! So many charity shops and a delightful little second hand shop. There’s also a large Smiths and two Waterstones stores. So there’s much book browsing to be done and I can’t go to Leicester without it. My dad gave me some monies to go into town with and off I went.

I started reading The Wish List by Jane Costello while waiting for the bus (the times changed while I was gone! The cheek!) and while on the bus, then went straight for Waterstones. Our 3 floor branch. *sighs happily* So I can’t afford Waterstones books but my god the choice! And the smell! Mmm. Love it. Then to Oxfam who usually have a pretty epic choice but there wasn’t much I was interested in this time so I pootled off to The Works, looking around at all the new baguette shops that have opened up (yay) on my way.

I think I must have spent about an hour in The Works browsing and.. well.. I ended up with a basket full of books. No joke. And I found a lovely little notebook for my review notes for £1.99. I painstakingly went through making sure I only picked up the books I most wanted, even having to put a few back so I didn’t overspend too much, yet I ended up with 9 books on the 3 for £5 offer, and 2 on the 2 for £5 offer and do not regret it at all. Just wish I’d found an affordable and decent cookery book, they had so many but they were either too pricey, crap, or bakery and I’m supposed to be on a diet (shh.. my snacks next weekend might say otherwise). But I came away with a good mix of chick lit, fantasy, YA.. and some other stuff. Sadly it started raining when I popped into one of the new baguette shops but only 4 of the books received any water damage, thankfully, which makes up for my miffedness when I first noticed wet pages on the bus journey back. Plus I had a warm, freshly baked macaroon from the continental market which was amazing! I did feel a bit weird just buying one though.

I’ll be heading back to Dan on Tuesday because I have to sign on Wednesday but I’m doing whatever reading I can manage. And after the rain yesterday, it’s certainly a beautiful day! Do you guys have trouble reading when visiting family?