I was accepted into the Book Depository’s reviewer programme for affiliates and the first book they offered me for review was Peter V. Brett’s The Daylight War. Well I jumped up and down with glee. This is a series I’ve been meaning to read for a few years now and not only have I heard some really great stuff about the series but it seems right up my alley. Epic fantasy with demons that have people hiding behind wards each night, even that not always being enough to protect them? Um.. yes please. So I got books 1 and 2 from the library and got reading. Finished book 1 after maybe 3 weeks during a bit of a slump and while it wasn’t amazing it was very good (I’ll get a review up for The Painted Man soonish).

Then came book 2 which I was really excited for, after all, book 1 was basically the build up to the rest of the series, The Desert Spear had to be amazing. Alas.. I couldn’t give you that answer because I had to put it down. I found myself putting off reading I wanted to read it that little and we all know that’s a sign to just say thanks, but no thanks.

The trouble with The Desert Spear came with the first third of the book being dedicated to the life and current perspective of a character from the first book who I held no love for. A character who betrays good friends, is the embodiment of a culture that looks down upon women, to the point in which they’ll have many wives and strike them, and men who cannot or do not fight. One who forces this culture upon a people conquered with murder and rape. These things are not “necessary evils” as he claims but things I don’t want to read about from the side of the people doing it! I skimmed, and skipped and it didn’t get any better so I decided to just put the book aside and leave it at that.

So now I’m reading With All My Soul, the final installment of the Soul Screamers series and oh man I can’t put it down. There’s so much going on and.. just.. argh! I’m not reading it right at this moment and that bothers me guys. Also? I’ll be sending my copy of The Daylight War to a friend of mine who wants to read it and has agreed to review it for my blog. All is good! 🙂 Though I did spend a day flailing at my bookshelves and asking pretty much everybody what I should read next, before taking a stash off the shelves and settling for Soul Screamers after all. Hoping to read something on my Kindle next, I have a lot of freebies I want to get started on for Why Buy The Cow? finally. And perhaps I’ll catch up on my now-reduced Goodreads challenge!