Being my first time taking part in the 24 Hour Read-a-thon, I decided I’d make a day of it. I’ve been preparing snacks, which books to read and thinking about where I’ll be sitting and how much sleep to get all week.


I’m a very slow reader and so easily distracted it’s unreal so don’t expect me to read much at all in the 24 hours. However, I shall be putting aside that time for reading, even if it means hopping from book to book to keep myself focused on the task at hand! 😀 But this is the choice I’ve given myself, The Iron King myself and Ellie have spoken about reading together.

Since then I’ve also added:

To satiate my historical fiction craving, for some short story action, and the only graphic novel I own and really should have read by now! Oh and if I happen to get mail? They may also be added! Shall mention those in my update post tomorrow if anything shows up.


Oh snacks I have been planning for about a week now! Seems a little overkill, sure, but that’s because I decided I’d bake my snacks. I was at my dad’s when I made this decision and as I hadn’t baked since I was in school I had little in the way of equipment or ingredients. So my dad took me off to Wilkinson’s to buy some bits and a week later we have cookies and biscuits with a very cakeish consistency. Though I messed up the sizing, the taste is amazing so I call that a success for sure! I also have chocolate spread (Nutella and Cadbury’s Philidelphia) and jam for the cakey types. And a bag of chilli Doritos. I am, however, now pondering running off to buy a bag of clementines to pop in the fridge and cut up into quarters the way they do at Chinese restaurants with oranges. NOM! The juicy flavour. And make sure I have enough squash to last me. Squash makes water taste less yuck.


And then there’s the joy of deciding where to plonk my butt and threatening death on anybody who dares interrupt my read-a-thon times, of course. I think I’ll mostly be in the bedroom which is very doable with the joys of laptops. This gives Dan unimpeded access to the sofa (he’s addicted to Skyrim right now, I can’t take that away from him) and I have the bed and my reading chair to switch between, as well as the kitchen sofa (yes, that is a thing) if I need to switch it up a bit more.

I’m getting really excited now! 😀 Are you joining in? If you’re new to the blog, say hello! Would love to meet some new peeps.