Warning: The following review and/or blurb may contain or does contain spoilers for previous books in the series.

Series: Soul Screamers #5
Genre: YA Paranormal
Size: 342 pages
Paperback, Kindle

Kaylee’s borrowed time is up. And with it, her ability to save her friends. So with her last few days, she distracts herself with stopping the evil math teacher who just so happens to be an Incubus hellbent on gaining a son no matter how many girls have to die or lose their minds for it. In the meantime, her dad and Tod are on a futile quest to save her life and her love life is totally up in the air. Can Kaylee be saved this time?


How do you review a book whose selling points are the massive spoilers? You can’t tell the spoilers to go over your opinions of them, but going purely over the build up just doesn’t quite cut it so what do you do?

Well, I can say that out of all 6 of the currently released Soul Screamers books, If I Die was by far my favourite (Before I Wake had the better ending but that’s for another review, another time) because it was the book that turned the series on its head. If I Die is not about the Hellions chasing Kaylee’s and her friends eternal misery, but about Kaylee trying to save the girls in her local area and particularly her school from an Incubus before she runs out of time. All the while we’re left wondering: how is she going to survive this one? It’s pretty intense.

There are a couple other storylines going on but it felt a much calmer novel then the previous books, though with a big boom at the end, and so rather than spending the entire book hating on Nash and Sabine and wishing Kaylee would friggin’ talk to her dad about what’s going on, which is my usual state with this series, you spend it wondering how she’s going to survive her set-in-stone death date. With a little bit of hating on Nash and Sabine because some of the things they come out with just make me frown, and sometimes want to throw the book across the room, but Tod’s feelings towards Kaylee are becoming more obvious to us. I could just picture the army of Team Tod girls (and the odd guy) shouting, “Come ON Kaylee, Tod’s totally into you and so much more awesome than Nash. Wake up!” from the bleachers. ‘Cus I know I was. Tod’s awesome. I just don’t understand the appeal of Nash, I really don’t. I’ve already had a rant about him in a past review and he doesn’t exactly improve in If I Die.

I did feel like she didn’t freak out about her imminent demise quite enough. Sure, she spent a couple of hours going a little crazy but she decides to spend her last few days happy because there’s, so she says, nothing she can do about it and just.. does. I didn’t really buy it I mean, come on, she’s just found out she has six days to live and her response is, “AGH! Okay, out of my system. Get the junk food.” Though saying that, Phish Food for breakfast is just going out in style.

If I Die cinched the Soul Screamers series from being a decent read to being an absolute must read for me.

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