I read Gaby’s post over at On A Book Bender and I thought: Oh now here’s an interesting question: “Why do I blog?

Do you know what? I don’t really know. I just do. But I couldn’t imagine not blogging now, it’s become such a huge part of my life.

I have always “blogged” in some form or another. When I was a kid I kept diaries most likely because I thought that was the cool thing to do for kids. I read books about young girls having sleepovers and keeping diaries, and of course I expected that just like Anne Frank, one day they would find my diaries in the loft and decide that they simply must be published. Yes, I’m serious. I thought that was how diaries worked when I first started keeping them!

When I discovered the internet I had a LiveJournal. This was even back when they were still known as “web blogs” and I thought “blog” was a silly word, but hey, everybody else used it. Just like “lol” and “lmao” (which I changed to “laughing my socks off” because who laughs their arse off, really?). And I had a blog in my teens which I’m fairly sure was on a very early incarnation of WordPress. This has since been deleted after an old friend spent a little time Googling me and found it along with the Buffy fanfiction I wrote when I was about 13 and I was pretty much beetroot with embarrassment. Nobody should have to read the inner ramblings of teenage me. Nobody.

When I got into MMO gaming and ended up in a guild with somebody else who blogged, she twisted my arm into blogging again. So I started up again. I created a little World of Warcraft blog and fell in love with writing about something that I really loved and quickly discovered this amazing warm and welcoming online community with fun things going on such as the ‘shared topic’ of the week.

When my interest for WoW waned and I was looking at quitting the game, I was devastated that this meant having to put my blog aside so I looked towards my recently rekindled love of books and reading. and slowly but surely started book blogging. Of course, I’d started off just occasionally posting reviews and memes on my reformed personal blog “The Rant Page”, alongside personal posts and thoughts on politics and other games. I quickly realised that I wanted my book blog to be a book blog and looked towards marketing it as such and focusing purely on books and such. I also needed a new name and when I discovered nobody had taken “Once Upon A Time” yet I was over the moon!! What a perfect book blog name for me. And well, over 2 years on, here I am. The way I got started does mean I don’t have a solid blogoversary but hey ho.

I’m always stopping and starting blogs but for the past few years I have always had some kind of blog on the go because I love blogging. I love talking about things that I’m passionate about. And I adore being a part of a community that I can be proud of. Has to be said, I’ve come a long way from thinking I’d be the next Anne Frank.. if only I’d known what that meant at the time!

Why do you blog?