Alrighty. So. April. My main goals for April were to read more and make my blog more of my own space, a space I could be happier with and enjoy more. I feel like I achieved those! While I don’t necessarily read 3 to 4 hours every day like I said I might have liked to, I have definitely gotten my reading mojo back and as such I started accepting review books again, maybe I’ll even do another little vlog on Sunday about these. I also feel like I can blog about whatever I like on my blog now and have much more freedom with it which is turning out to be so much fun that I’ve definitely got my blogging mojo back as well! The 24 Hour Read-a-thon definitely helped with this. Much love to everybody who visited on Saturday and throughout April and left comments, you’ve given me a little more confidence in myself as a blogger. I often feel like I’m failing at it but thanks to April, I’m getting past that. Huzzah!

Considering this, I jumped on the Bout of Books ‘Expert’ wagon, which I’m totally excited about. So if you do want some help or advice, don’t be afraid to ask me. And I’m pushing myself to visit you guys a lot more than I was! Expect to see me around a little more in May. 🙂


Many posts – handle it! I had a lot of fun with my posts last month.

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So not as many reviews as I could have done with getting out considering my backlog but it’s nice to see reviews on the blog after the dry season. Expect a Soul Screamers series review, once I’ve finished reviewing the individual books, for new readers to the series, and I’m still looking for more non-fiction to whet this new literary appetite I’ve had since The Liberty Tree.

17/04/13 – If I Die (Soul Screamers #5) by Rachel Vincent – YA, paranormal, romance
25/04/13 – The Liberty Tree by Suzanne Harrington – memoir; addiction

What I’ve Been Reading

Currently: The Queen’s Secret by Victoria Lamb – The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan
Finished: The Painted Man by Peter V. Brett – With All My Soul by Rachel Vincent – The Liberty Tree by Suzanne Harrington – The Wish List by Jane Costello – Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris

I may have spent a couple of weeks slumping over Peter V. Brett.. I felt terrible about that. I just couldn’t get along with book two of the series at all so had to move on to my next read. But then I read the last of the Soul Screamers and then along came The Liberty Tree, a memoir, way out of my comfort zone, which pretty much went, “Oh, Hannah, I found your reading mojo! Gogo!” Sadly then ended up at my dad’s for a week where I got little to no reading done but when I came home my mojo was waiting for me and I started my first audiobook on the journey home and actually understood what was going on enough to continue while I was baking! Much reading-based success in April!

Plans For May

Well May seems to unanimously be review book/NetGalley month so I’d like to work through some review books. New, old, and e-galley alike. I found reading a lot during the day of the read-a-thon really worked for me so while I’m still unemployed, I’d like to get myself reading more so that I can get through more books because there are so many that I’m itching to read!

I’d also like to get caught up on my reviews, I have quite a backlog so expect lots of those. And yeah, keep doing what I’m doing. Daily checks of my reader, saying hello on Twitter, just generally being involved in the community, basically. Oh and I’d love to start running a few giveaways so if you happen to be an author or publicist interested, please get in touch. I have space for guest spots.

What did you like in particular? Are you a newer subscriber to the blog? Any bookish or bloggish recommendations for me? C’mon, boost my confidence with a comment! 😀