Oh my… what was that? I just watched the first episode of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) and just.. wow. Mind blown.

This is a fantasy anime about a human town surrounded by 50 meter walls to keep out the Titans who would kill them all if they had half a chance. Humans have lived peacefully within these walls for 100 years but Eren isn’t so sure that is going to last.

First off, the art style is absolutely gorgeous. The backgrounds are beautifully drawn, the characters have so much depth and those thick lines? I love them. The entire thing plays like a piece of art and the music that plays throughout the episode fits so perfectly. This might be one of the first shounen animes I have seen that doesn’t get particularly silly, bringing down the tone of an otherwise intense show.

And oh how intense! It contains deep themes, of containment that our main character, Eren, feels very strongly, and loss throughout. It’s emotional and gripping.. It had me almost crying twice. Just in the first episode. And these characters are not all powerful. They are weak and helpless against the Titans, giants who feast on humans, and they know it.

Eren and his friend Armin long to join the Recon Corps. To go out there and fight, but they are ridiculed for it and told it’s silly. But is it?

The opening theme sets the tone very firmly for the series. This is a serious shounen anime.

I highly recommend this one. We are looking at something wonderful here, guys. It is still ongoing too. And as it turns out? Directed by the same guy who did Death Note. Oh it all makes sense now.