Bout of Books 7.0 - 13/5-19/5


Number of pages I’ve read today: 98
Total number of pages I’ve read: 655
Books started/continued with/finished today: Billy and Me – The Masque of the Red Death
Today #insixwords: Helped friends instead of reading much

12.20 – Today is the day to catch up and complete my goals! *cracks knuckles* It’s been a good Bout of Books but I wish I could have helped more as an expert. Guess everybody knew the score? 😉 Anyway, I read a bit in bed last night, starting from page 322 and getting to 350 before really needing to let myself nod off. Shall finish Billy and Me today and get started on The Masque of the Red Death.

14.40 – Finished Billy and Me and then read 9 pages of Poe. Wanted to read his Masque of the Red Death before Bethany Griffin’s novel, then couldn’t resist reading The Raven as I never have. Oh his prose is so beautifully gothic. I love Poe. And Billy and Me was very good. A sad ending. I wish it had more of a lift at the end than it did, but overall a wonderful read and I think it deserves a dragon. So just another 100 or so pages! But for now I fancy finishing the episode of Vampire Diaries I started last night before Doctor Who.