Bout of Books 7.0 - 13/5-19/5

I’ll do a post for my updates when the read-a-thon kicks off, but for now I’ll share my goals with you.

  • Join in with Monday’s and Saturday’s Twitter chats. I shall be asleep during Wednesday’s. You can find the UK times in my sidebar under ‘events’.
  • Take part in as manyΒ challengesΒ as I can.
  • Hop around and say hello to different bloggers, not just peeps I already know.
  • Be around to help people if they would like some advice or might be struggling with something.
  • Read as much as I possibly can, working through at least 2 books. A minimum of 100 pages per day. I won’t be putting aside a particular selection of books, though I do have a selection of review books I’d like to get to, as I’m keeping my choices flexible this year and a week is too long a time to restrict myself but I may post a photo in my updates post.

These are the sorts of things I have been doing anyway for the past couple of weeks and so I am confident that I can successfully complete these goals during Bout of Books 7. It’s a shame I missed the deadline on being a challenge host but I am here as an expert if anybody needs help with anything.

Updates post here.

Are your goals more or less the same as mine? More relaxed? Or have you challenged yourself a little more?