Bout of Books 7.0 - 13/5-19/5

Time to follow up on my goals post! My goals remain the same, and here I have an image of the books I’d like to get around to this week. Of course I won’t read them all but they are the most likely candidates, however, I will not ban myself from venturing elsewhere, especially considering I have some shinies on the way! Here are the books:

Sign-ups are open until Wednesday so if you’re late to the party, don’t worry! Unless it’s after Wednesday then sorry. Perhaps you could join in unofficially?

Here’s to hoping the read-a-thon curse keeps its’ ugly head well away from me this time. I’m determined to read more than usual this week.

Read-a-thon Updates

Number of pages I’ve read today: 68
Total number of pages I’ve read: 68
Books started/continued with/finished today: The Night Circus
Today #insixwords: Reasonably successful but dropped later on.

11.30 – Sup guys! I haven’t started reading just yet but I have visited a few blogs and vlogs and checked my emails. Woo! I’ve decided that if I feel up to it, I might do a wrap-up vlog at the end of the week. Excited? I might even mention Hanna by name again just to make her jump. That might be my new game with vlogs. It is.. how do you say.. Relevant! Aaanyway, I think I just heard the post arriving and if I’m to read as much as I’d like I better get started. So for now I will introduce you to my unofficial mascot for the week, Bob. It just seems appropriate. She is guarding my first read which is The Night Circus (yes I take the covers off of my hardbacks when I read them) part 3. I’m already halfway through as I’m reading it for a book club and trying to take my time. It’s AMAZING, guys.

13.30 – Distractions galore! SHOO READ-A-THON CURSE! Had a box of Amazon books along with a self-published memoir for review, I started poking around Amazon and adding even more books to my library wishlist, Dan started having a conversation with me via DS (he has two), umm… I think that’s it actually I’m just really good at procrastinating. To the bedcave!

15.45 – Started on page 225 of The Night Circus and now on 273. Popped over to the laptop for a little break but I only have 20 more pages of part 3 then I’ll get back to Ex-Heroes or on with Undertaking Love. We’ll see if I fancy superheroes & zombies or chick lit more when I get there. Just needed a little break to discuss something life-based with Dan before continuing onwards.

20.05 – The Twitter chat just came to an end. My word that was one manic hour! Followed a few new people and now I’m off to read more Night Circus. The question is, can I stop after part 3 now?! Up to page 293.

00.05 – So it’s now technically Tuesday and I haven’t read since the Twitter chat. It seemed to put me in a procrastinating mood. Damnit! I visited a few blogs and did today’s challenge but then I started updating Mount TBR and browsing for potentially good freebies.. now it’s midnight and I need me some sleeps. I may move my updates to individual posts for the rest of the week looking at the size of today’s updates.