Bout of Books 7.0 - 13/5-19/5


Number of pages I’ve read today: 144
Total number of pages I’ve read: 360
Books started/continued with/finished today: Billy and Me
Today #insixwords: Something something something read-a-thon curse strikes!

12.10 – After a terrible reading day yesterday, I went to bed and sat up until about 2am reading Billy and Me. I started on page 40 and by the time Dan got to bed I was on page 106! I’m really, really loving this book. It’s an absolute pleasure. Wondering if I can finish it today, perhaps. 😮

13.50 – Got my blog stuff done for the day! And I just found out they’re turning Bitten into a TV series. Agggghhhh!! 😀 Now I’m DYING to read something werewolfy. Perhaps Stolen. *flail* But I will finish Billy and Me first because it is amazing.

21.10 – I read for a bit earlier, got up to page 160 then dinner was ready (my man cooks for me) so I sat down to nom and watch an episode of Vampire Diaries as I’m waayy behind and ended up watching 2. Oops! Gonna head back to my book now though I can hear some shockingly bad live music coming from the wine bar again so it’ll be operation: drown out the crap music.

21.15 – The trouble with the live music is it’s literally just down the road and it can be heard very clearly when the door’s open so when people are popping in and out to smoke and propping the door open to chat while they do it.. And I’ve just realised? Country music. IN WALES. What? Let’s hope this isn’t too big a distraction else Vampire Diaries will be getting some love tonight.

23.30 – Well with only half an hour left I am off to bed to pick at my books and whinge about feeling poorly. Hopefully I’ll get to the doctors tomorrow, if not it’ll have to be Monday. But in the meantime, I’ll update my .. updates for now and likely count the next half an hour towards tomorrow’s reading. Close enough to midnight. Up to page 184 in Billy and Me. If I’m nowhere near 700 pages read by Saturday I’m gonna just spend the weekend blasting through my books. 😀