Hey guys.. I was rejiggling my sidebar content last night. Moved my Gollancz Geek and Indie Authors button to the second sidebar and suddenly the two were stubbornly sat on top of each other. I’m utterly clueless about coding and how to fix it. I can poke around when it comes to changing but if something goes wrong, I have no idea how to fix it because what the hell would cause that? So for the time being I’ve condensed it down to one sidebar which isn’t soo bad with the minimal content I have in there now. But. I hate it. The layout of posts and the sidebar are suited to the two sidebar theme layout and there’s big white spaces and I just.. agh! So please excuse the mess. I’ll have to tidy it up this week.

Any ideas on what I could do? I want to keep this theme and header so it’s purely jiggling content and sidebar bits.