Another Top Ten Tuesday topic I like the sound of!

1. The Night Circus‘s cover encompasses the entire novel, from the two characters on the front and the small cats and birds, to the colour scheme. Monochromatic with hints of red throughout. The spirals and tents and the stars.. the cover captures the mystical feeling of the book perfectly.

2. I fell in love with the cover for The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making way before the UK had a release but the moment I saw the UK cover.. wow. It uses the same image as the US cover but the image stands out much more with a calmer background colour scheme and the art style is one that I think made the book. I love the little clouds, and I love the Wyvery.

3. There is something incredibly eyecatching about the cover for Billy and Me. Whether it’s the vibrant sunset, the picturesque little village, or the silhouette of the young couple on the hill with the world spread at their feet, I couldn’t say, but I spent quite a while inspecting this cover just enjoying its’ little nuances.

4. I know exactly what I love about the Dead on the Delta cover and that is the colours. That electric blue would pull me in to just about any book. Then you add in the bright reds of her hair and the sparkly fairies in the background, and that’s when you start looking deeper. Where is she? What’s with the bike? Why is she barefoot? And ooh the tagline just clinches it. “If you believe in fairies… run.” So, Dead on the Delta was a pretty average urban fantasy read but I love the cover.

5. This brightly coloured, sexy little number caught my eye straight away. And when I pulled The End of Mr. Y from the shelf of the charity shop and saw the black page edges I knew I needed this book on my bookshelf! It is a simple piece of cover art and tells you nothing about what’s inside  whatsoever, but even so it’s attention grabbing.

6. Oh Gandalf.. This was always my preferred cover for The Lord of the Rings and while I never got the hardback liked I wished, I did get the paperback. Alan Lee is just fantastic. This piece of cover art encaptures the mood that I love in this book. Something old, a struggle.. and my favourite character, of course.

7. Northanger Abbey is the only Austen I have read and I read it 8 years ago so I don’t have much of a memory of the book, but I adore this series of covers for Austen’s novels and I found the full set in the charity shop, lucky me. They’re simple and pretty which is enough for me.

8. Speaking of pretty, the cover of Don’t You Forget About Me from last year really is very pretty. I really like covers that go for a white background with just a few simple colours. They stand out that much more and this one screams light, fun, Summery and romantic to me. I will now have the 80’s song of the same name in my head all day..

9. I’m sure it must have been the cover that first drew me to The Graveyard Book.. and of course the author name, which comes with its’ very own “you must own me” siren. But the cover of this one was created by Chris Riddell, who illustrated and co-wrote a book I read in my early teens and I recognised his style immediately. Plus there’s the inclusion of a normal looking boy in a graveyard with a creepy looking dude, well I dunno about you but that’s got my attention.

10. And I had to include Fairy Metal Thunder. The entire series of covers are amazing but I haven’t had chance to get back into the series yet. I love the vibrancy of the colours and how well everything meshes together. The sense of magic and fun the cover gives us is pretty much perfect.

I have many more but they’re all currently reading, on hold, or as yet unread. Which are your favourites from my list? Any you actually aren’t so keen on?