I think a culmination of reading Ravven’s most excellent middle grade fantasy and then spending a large amount of time on Wednesday falling in love with the Kingkiller Chronicles deck of cards has done the job of getting me pretty firmly back in a fantasy mood. Except there’s a slight problem with indulging in it this time..

The Tower of Chick Lit

Not that I’m complaining! These all sound like fantabulous books but I really can’t spend time reading epic fantasy doorstoppers when I have all of these to gobble up. So, fair enough, I don’t have to read all of them right away, but there’s a large amount I really should squeeze in asap and there’s a few on my Kindle as well.

The thing that I find myself somewhat wondering is how do I market a blog when one month I’ll be reading a chick lit tower like that, and the next I’ll be looking at all of the wonderful speculative fiction I have yet to read. Sure, there are folk like me who have a large appetite for fiction of all sorts of genres and are happy to read almost anything I put out there because hey, you can always expect something different from Once Upon A Time, you can’t deny me that. But generally speaking, genre lovers have zero interest in chick lit, and chick lit readers don’t care much about the 700 page epic fantasies. (Yes, there are exceptions, but 9 times out of 10 this statement is true.)

There was a point when I had a good middle ground but that was also the time when I filled up on meaningless memes and blog tours and guest posts that nobody wanted to read. I wasn’t necessarily being true to myself, whereas now I am and I know I should be happy enough with that but I’ve once again got to a point where I feel I have to read certain books before others else the publishers will be cross with me. Would they? I expect they would if I never sent in reviews of any of the books I have come through the door. And then there’s NetGalley which expects there to be a 20% difference between accepted and feedback and at some point I just went nuts and now I don’t think I can reach that point as currently I’m closer to 80%. Is that okay? I mean.. it doesn’t necessarily cost them anything but they have still sent you a free book at the end of the day so I’d say not.

But at the beginning of the year, I made a promise to myself. I would be focusing more on what I want to read and less on what I felt I needed to read, and first and foremost I wanted to focus on epic fantasy more because after all, it is my first love. Epic fantasy is where I started my book blogging adventures and I’m not happy at how far from an epic fantasy blog this has become! I want to focus more on genre fiction than I do, though I don’t want to drop chick lit from my reading completely because I do love the genre. It makes me happy reading about these heroines who find their way in life and perhaps find a guy that’s worth loving. But I also don’t want to simply revert to YA fiction again like I always seem to when I’m not sure which direction to take. What I need is to find a balance. πŸ™‚

Edit: Okay, from your comments I feel I haven’t put my point across very well. πŸ™‚ I’m not trying to put myself into a box, and I’m not necessarily struggling with not reading any other genre but chick lit. I’ve been there, done that last year with YA. I learned my lesson. What I apparently haven’t learned despite setting myself a New Year’s Resolution is that when I request and accept review books, I feel obligated to read those and guilty reading anything else before I’ve caught up, and having recently received a fair bit of chick lit for review I therefore don’t feel I can indulge my epic fantasy love, which is what I always wanted this blog to focus on. But I’m also worried about the idea of yo-yoing between genres putting people off if I’m not putting out the kind of content they want to read. I do like to put forward discussion, response, and rambly posts where I can so hopefully this is enough to hold people. I particularly like the ideas of balancing review books with my own books from Angie, only allowing myself to request a NetGalley book after reading 2 or 3 from Ciska, and balancing content in other ways with opinion pieces to appeal to all from Ellie. Thanks so much for your advice so far! Getting some lovely ideas on how to balance things a bit better and have a bit more fantasy with my dragons!

So what do you say? Obviously I need to put some time in to read the books I’ve had through for review recently which means putting aside a lot of time for some serious reading. But how would you suggest I make the change and by how much? What is it you read Once Upon A Time for?