Well okay, so the incoming hasn’t shown signs of slowing down just yet but give me a couple of weeks and we’ll be back to normal. I really do have to sort out my books now though, very much running out of space. It’s going to be a big job. Gulp.

Personally I haven’t had the best week. Depression’s been poking me in the proverbial ribs and so I just haven’t had the energy to read or write much. However a lovely friend bought me some WoW gametime and I reinstalled Rift now it’s gone free-to-play (I’m talking about MMO gaming, sorry non gaming peeps) and so these are nice little escapes in the meantime. I also finally watched Kung Fu Panda 2 which was amazing and my favourite bit was when they jumped in the Chinese dragon costume. 😀 I tried to find a wallpaper of it for my phone but instead found a cute dinosaur that squeaks when you poke it. Amazing!

Physical Pile

Me and Mr Jones arrived first, I won this one from Shaz’s Book Blog. I picked up the bottom four in a local charity shop. I’m not sure if you can see the stickers but Stormrider and Sepulchre were 10p each, Hero in the Shadows is a part of the Gemmel series I’m hoping to start on at some point and was £1 and Mary & Elizabeth I’ve had on my radar since its’ release a couple of years ago and was also £1. Traitors Gate was also a charity shop find, and Among Thieves was from the car boot sale I went to on Thursday which I wrote out a blog post about and for some reason didn’t post.

The rest are review copies. Devil’s Due is the follow up to one I reviewed last year and I requested this one a few weeks ago, excited that it’s finally here. About A Girl should be the last of the requested chick lits but when I get back to them will be one of the first I get reading. When I was offered River of Stars I got too excited to say no, I actually spent a good half an hour squeeing happily to myself before I replied to the email and they added in Under Heaven too when I said I’d be reading that first! Even more exciting. I haven’t read any of Guy’s stuff yet so can’t wait. And then yesterday, The Trader of Saigon and The Brooklyn Girls turned up. The former is about ladies in post-war Vietnam and might perhaps be an interesting read (though I’m not entirely sure who it came from as there’s no press release or anything), but the latter.. I’m just not sure. It’s the first new adult to come through my door and as has been discussed on Twitter many times is not a marketing scheme I’m interested in. Will make sure it gets a good home when I do my tidy up.

EBooks For Review & Bought

The Assassin and the Pirate Lord  The Assassin and the Desert The Assassin and the Underworld The Assassin and the Empire The Old Magic of Christmas by Linda Raedisch

I’ve been meaning to buy the Throne of Glass novellas since I read Throne of Glass so while I had a little money I snapped them up before I could forget again because one can never get enough Throne of Glass. And The Old Magic of Christmas is a NetGalley read I requested a while back because it interests me. It’s all about the history and folklore of the Yuletide season.

And the Freebies

Blood of the Fey by Alessa Ellefson The Tiny Wife by Andrew Kaufman Uptown Girl by Holly Kinsella The Viscount and the Witch by Michael J. Sullivan The Bow Wow Club by Nicola May

I’m quite happy with these freebies! Two were on my wishlist already, and one comes from a highly recommended author. Blood of the Fey seems to deal with Arthurian something-or-other and fae folk and fantasy. Thanks muchly to Ellie Bookworm for tweeting about The Tiny Wife! I had the hard copy on my wishlist but not the ebook so would have missed this one otherwise. I won’t lie but the name Kinsella caught my eye with Uptown Girl (and raise your hands, who has the song in their head now?) but apparently she’s no relation, and I haven’t seen great reviews buuut it was free. The Viscount and the Witch seems to be a short story set in the new Riyria series, I still need to read the first series but had to grab this when I saw it. And I’ve seen many good reviews of The Bow Wow Club so that was a lovely find.

Anything here you’ve read and loved or picked up recently? Any of them particularly catch your eye? Do you have the number for a freebie addicts help center? Let me know in the comments!