I imagine that you guys know that I love all sorts of MMOs, not just WoW. My first non-WoW MMO was Age of Conan. Everybody was raving about it so I picked up a copy to see what all the fuss was about (which to my memory was mostly the graphics) and loved it. Until I got past the first city and my PC decided it wasn’t to be. It wouldn’t run it well enough for it to be enjoyable.

Next I believe it was Aion. I may actually have put WoW to one side for Aion, not with the intention of it being my new MMO like many, but just so that I could put all of my focus into the one game. For a while I adored it. The graphics were wonderful, the story was interesting, the gameplay was fantastic and I loved the ability to glide from a fall. But then I realised how PvP focused the game was and left it behind. I also played a free trial of Lord of the Rings Online around this time and adored it but couldn’t afford to buy the game and play it full time.

Then Cataclysm was released and burnt me out so much I decided to quit. Right at the same time Rift was being released, so I figured I’d play that one while waiting for Guild Wars 2 which was the game that really held my interest. Rift, for many, was nothing more than a WoW clone, but for me it was a game with pretty graphics and awesome looking zones, gameplay I loved, and things to do along the way with artifacts and achievements. Sadly after a couple of months, without getting into PvP or raiding full time, it lost it’s appeal and I wanted to play with Dan again so resubbed to WoW during the Troll Invasion patch, remember when they brought back ZA and ZG? Perhaps not the best patch to resub to but hey ho!

And then finally, Guild Wars 2 came. I didn’t quit WoW for Guild Wars 2, but for a while I very much prioritised it. It was as wonderful as I expected it to be. And I still believe so now. I just found my laptop couldn’t run it and my desktop is no more. I need to try it again since having a clean up of my C drive but I’ve been so engrossed in my reading, blogging, and of course, WoW that I haven’t given myself the chance.

I’d also love to try out The Secret World if I can ever afford a copy, Elder Scrolls Online, and Wildstar. All are MMOs that appeal to me in some way, and while World of Warcraft will always be my main game, I love seeing what else is out there. I’m particularly fond of MMOs that take a free-to-play subscription model because then I’m able to dip in and out of them as I fancy.

As well as MMOs, however, I also enjoy simulation games, such as the Sims and Civilisation, and of course, single player fantasy RPGs. I love a good story when I’m playing and I am a fantasy nut, so games like Fable, Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls.. they all hold an appeal to me.

Though my favourite single player game of all time has to be The Walking Dead. I received the 5 episodes on Steam as a Christmas gift and I played through it within a week. It’s not too hard for a girl like me who likes to play on ‘easy’ mode, and the story… by the end I was sobbing. I’m so glad they’re continuing to add episodes because I’d be pretty sad if that was the end. I really can’t wait to start on 400 Days.

So, as you can tell, I’m very much a PC gamer with the exception of Ni No Kuni which was only available for the PS3. It’s where I began and it’s where I find the controls most comfortable. I have found ways to make laptop gaming work for me and I love that I can take my games with me if I go to visit my dad 230 miles away or wherever I feel like plonking my arse in the flat. Most of all, I love connecting with other gamers which is why you can find me babbling away on Twitter, or posting here on occasion. You’re welcome to find me on Raptr, though I don’t use it much, or of course, on Steam, my PC gaming hub. <3 Just let me know who you are, as I don’t add strangers!

What kind of a gamer are you? Do you just stick to WoW? Branch out to other MMOs? Perhaps you like to mix it up a bit with some PC, some console, and a little DS?