Agh! I was so tired on Saturday morning after having to get up at 4.30am for a work trial. I popped into WoW when I got home at about.. 7.40am and loaded up Twitter and saw Tycer asking her followers for suggestions on faction/race/class for a new toon she was going to try out. I always respond to these sorts of tweets because they’re a lot of fun and I believe I went with.. Alliance, because the blue side is the best, of course, Night Elf, because I always say Draenei so thought I’d break my mold somewhat, and Hunter because Hunters are amazing. And this is exactly what Tycer ended up with! Then she informed me that I had won a prize for being so active, and I was over the flipping moon when she offered me this guy! *warm fuzzies*


And of course, I had to name him Tycer. I pretty much constantly have him by my side at the moment because receiving this pet absolutely made my day and every time I see him I remember how kind human beings can be and of course that puts a smile on my face. Thank you so much Tycer! This also means the only pet store pets I don’t currently own are now Lil’ Ragnaros and the Soul of the Aspects. Much squee! 🙂

Have you guys had much luck with putting a team together with him in pvp battles? I’m struggling! I really want to include him but my Crawling Claw – Pygmy Direhorn – Pandaren Fire Elemental team is insane.