As mentioned, we have started a new guild on Ghostlands EU Alliance side. There were a few of us who weren’t entirely happy where we were and have very similar opinions on what we think is fair and so we felt the move was the best decision for everybody involved.

We got together on a temporary forum to discuss what to name the guild and set up a few basic rules and I think we’ve got a very exciting prospect on our hands!

Together, we settled on Salvation for our guild name with Obscure Reference as another option. Salvation was the name of Dan and Kait’s guild back in vanilla and both have very fond memories of that guild, also, it’s exactly the kind of guild we want to build. A place to relax and have fun with friends. Sadly, Salvation was taken as a name. I checked on the armory and there’s just one guy’s inactive characters but sadly he hadn’t been inactive for long enough to free up the name so I asked everybody what they wanted to do. Some wanted to take the second option, and some wanted to go with a variation of Salvation, and some didn’t mind, so I made a judgement and New Salvation was the result.

NewSalvationWe formed on Wednesday 17th July and I immediately went off to design our tabard while Dan went and set up the guild Twitter, @NewSalvationEU. The following day one of our members set up a 25 slot Mumble server we can use to chat and for our future flex raids and fun runs and so on, which was incredibly kind of him. All that’s left now is to set up the guild’s website, with which we’re looking to go with a group blog format with attached forums, and of course, start recruiting a few friendly faces who enjoy a laugh and can deal with a little swearing and like the idea of old content runs for transmog, mounts, and achievements, flex raids, and guild challenges all in the nature of fun. Our only rules: don’t be a dick and we’ll be keeping the age limit to 18+.

As for hierarchy, we’re operating a guild council system. The GM is Guild Leader rather than Master, they have equal say along with the council members but exists for the creation and editing of ranks, guild bank tabs, permissions, and so on. Most decisions will be put to members as well with regards to what we do, but if issues arise, these will fall to the council to discuss a solution. Most of all we will do our best to be fair and keep the guild as fun and relaxing as we’re able.

So far we have reached level 2 and unlocked heirloom legs. Not bad for two days work and 8 members! Some of whom have taken a wee break. Now it’s time to work on getting guild chat a little more chatty.