This post is courtesy of Hanna.

In case you’ve never met me before, I’m a self-confessed clothes addict. I’m not big on following fashion and I’m highly unlikely to splash out on designer crap that I’d be too scared of dripping sauce on to ever wear in public; that said, I do rather enjoy putting an outfit together.

There are some wonderful fancy dress and cosplay creations out there, if you’re looking to go all steampunky for a special event, but today I thought we’d look at injecting a bit of steampunk flair into our every day wardrobe for a reasonable price.


Brocade Overbust Corset – £59.99 – Corsets4U
Steampunk corset
“Oh but Hanna!” I hear you cry. “You’ve fallen down on the first hurdle! Corsets aren’t every day wear and they’re so expensive!”

Except not. This beautiful creation (seriously, I’m drooling) is only £59.99 and as corsets go, that’s amazing. Worn over a loose floaty blouse with some dark leggings and boots (see below), it would be great for a night out on the town.

Black T-shirt Steampunk Vest – €9.50 – Restyle

steampunk t-shirt

I love this t-shirt a little more than is logical.

Wear it with black trousers and a brown belt for a really simple look, or just wear it with your normal clothes for a quick, simple nod to steampunk culture.


Pocketwatch & Key Steampunk Tights – £16.03 – Teja Jamilia

steampunk tights

These are lovely, but also actually rather practical. We’ve been having a blistering summer in England this year, but the second we click over into Autumn I’ll be donning a pair of these tights.

I’d probably wear them with a short black skirt to really show them off and possibly the steampunk flats you’ll see below!

Spin Doctor Gatsby Steampunk Jeans – £23.99 – Kate’s Clothing

steampunk jeans

These jeans, however, have crossed the line from ‘rather’ practical and into ‘definitely’ practical. I’d wear these on cold days when I still wanted something stylish and steampunk, but it was a little too cold for tights and skirts.

These would look great with either tights or heels, maybe with one of the hair accessories below to really bring it together.


Knee High Steampunk Boots – £57.95 – Fancy Dress Ball

steampunk boots

Believe it or not, I already own these and have done since this post was naught but a twinkle in Hannah’s eye.

It’s amazing how much use you can get out of a pair of steampunk boots. I like to wear them with dark leggings and a simple top – they become the focus of the outfit and really stand out as something different.

Steampunk ‘Daisy’ Flat Shoes – £32.50 – The Viking Store

Steampunk daisy shoes

For something a little less adventurous (i.e. footwear you can actually walk  in), there are always a pair of steampunk flat shoes.

These are a little less in-your-face, so they could be worn with a more outlandish outfit, or a plain outfit with some awesome pieces of steampunk jewellery.


Night on the Town Hair Comb – £18.71 – Nite Lily Glamour

steampunk hair

Despite having hair as long as mine, I’m pretty damn useless when it comes to, you know, doing… stuff with it, so you’re on your own with this one.

It is beautiful though – I’d genuinely love to know how to use it. If you’re more skilled than me, however, this would transform any simple outfit into a steampunk vision.

Sunburst Royale Hair Pick Set  – £7.35 – Antickquities

steampunk hairpicks

I’ve literally just bought a pair of these. I’d never seen anything like them and, even taking into account my uselessness mentioned above, they would look amazing just shoved into the side of a simple bun. Click on the link for an in-hair shot.

I can’t see myself getting through security at the Crown Court though somehow…

What’s your favourite steampunk-inspired item of clothing for everyday (or at least, practical) wear? Are you eyeing up any of the above?