I’ll admit it. I hadn’t looked into The Elder Scrolls Online (aka TESO) since its’ announcement. I knew I was interested because I love MMOs, fantasy RPGs, and Elder Scrolls, but aside from that I knew next to nothing but today I watched a 20 minute clip of TESO gameplay from Quakecon and I have to tell you – I’m excited.

With a character creation screen which doesn’t look dissimilar to the one in Rift (which I liked), its’ MMO style seems akin to Guild Wars 2 (which I adore), and its’ gameplay is wonderfully Elder Scrolls. Oh and it’s pretty and full of exploration too! I just found myself simultaneously jumping up and down in my seat with excitement, and desperately wanting to pick up a copy of Morrowind ((damn you empty bank account)) so that I can play through it, Oblivion, and Skyrim before the release of TESO in Spring 2014.

Here’s the aforementioned video:

Are you as excited for this one as me? I know Elder Scrolls can be a bit of a divider because many just don’t get on with it, but I adore the franchise personally. 🙂