I was playing WoW yesterday, as I often do at the moment. Just trundling along, working on a few daily goals such as my farm to make maxing out the different branches of fishing easier, pet battles, and other things I added to a “Daily & Weekly To-Do List” page, and found myself wanting to play something else for a change. I was weighing up my options between Guild Wars 2 and Rift, hoping that since having a hard drive clearout and installing the Razer Game Booster both would run. I settled on Rift after doing a couple of dungeons with guildies and off I went.

It’s the Summerfest at the moment and I really want to work on unlocking a few things while it’s on. Only.. between running into walls due to terrible fps and many, many green smears where NPCs hadn’t yet loaded, it just wasn’t enjoyable. And this was only in Meridian! I’d hate to see how it runs once I got into a zone to level and found myself pressing random buttons in the hope that I might actually kill something before it killed me. So I moaned a bit and decided to try Guild Wars 2 instead.

A couple of people pointed out that if Rift was dodgy, it was likely that Guild Wars 2 would be as well but I wanted to try so I logged in and there was my level 35 Ranger stood in Lion’s Arch right by the Black Market trader dude. Okay. So I tested running out of the building and through the city a bit and lo and behold, I didn’t run into a single wall! You have no idea how ecstatic I was.. still am! Guild Wars 2 is my favourite MMO, I just found my laptop unable to run it, plus most of my gaming friends are happily esconsced in WoW.

Well I check my friends list for any new friend adds and saw somebody online which I really didn’t expect as not only was it gone midnight by now but I didn’t think anybody I knew was playing it any more. (waves at Mocharaid) So we had a nice chat while I poked around my skills and traits and inventory and ran around going, “Hehe I’m a fucking weird bear!” (I’m a Norn, we can do that.) And checking my armour dyes were acceptable and all of those important things you do when you haven’t played a favoured game in a while, you know?

I discovered I was now guildless, which is fair enough as I hadn ‘t played properly since launch (darn Pandaria releasing around the same time) and would like to find a nice guild to plonk myself in. I made my way to Divinity’s Reach, stood there in amazement for a while as it was the first time I’d visited the city, ran around going, “Hehe I’m a bear.” Then I did the torch run. It took me a few goes but I had so much fun! I know, simple things, but I loved the basic challenge. Then I discovered a run speed buff which I’ll make use of while unlocking the achievement to do the torches multiple times and ran off to see the rest of Divinity’s Reach.

Holy. Shit. This is a gorgeous place. And this is my reaction on low graphics settings!!

Then I discovered the Hobo-Tron and giggled for a good 10 minutes. Wandered down one of the side streets to try and find the Crown Pavilion. I want to check out the Queen’s Jubilee!

I did the opening ceremony bit, and then noticed a bunch of guys spawning and groups killing so I joined in with that for a while and got myself about a level and a half because it is fantastic experience. And then I logged for the night. And realised it was 4am. WOOPS.

I’m quite happily enjoying Guild Wars 2 at the moment. It would be lovely to finally get my Ranger up to max level and experience the game more fully. 🙂

Are any of you playing? Add me! jaedia.7936