Hey guys. As transmog is such a huge part of my World of Warcraft experience, I have no idea why I haven’t started talking more about it here. I’m a huge MogIt addict (a mod I plan to produce a guide for when I get time) and so have many transmog designs sitting around ready to be shared. I’d also like to borrow the idea of “drive-by mogging” from Go Mog Yourself (who don’t seem to be around any more, sob), assuming they don’t mind! I often come across peeps whose transmog outfits make me stop and screenshot, so it could be cool to highlight a few of these as well. And maybe if you like what I put together enough, I might take a few requests. I already seem to do these for friends and acquaintances ingame so why not branch out.

However, it’s always best to start from the beginning, right? So this is what my Priest is currently wearing.


Helm: Valorous Circlet of Faith (Same Model As)
Shoulders: Shoulderpads of Faith
Chest: Robe of Faith
Belt: Lingering Illness
Gloves: Gloves of Faith
Weapon: Shaft of Glacial Ice

Yes, this is tier 3. The only way you can pick this set up these days is from the Black Market Auction House, though these pieces are not class specific so Mages and Warlocks can rock this set now as well which is very cool. So if you want it, better get saving those pennies! I found I was able to pick up every one of these items with no competition, but you might find it otherwise on your own servers. They go up on the BMAH a fair bit so persevere! 🙂

I also thought it might be a nice idea to show what each set looks like on all races and genders. I’m not sure why a lot of these are Death Knights and cultists but you can at least get a rough idea for yourself if it’s a decent fit for your particularly race/gender in game. And as I’m a Draenei, I haven’t transmogged my shoes.. sorry. The ones in the screenshots are Home-Warding Slippers but the Sandals of Faith will suit, of course.

alliancefemalealliancefemaleoffaith alliancemalealliancemaleoffaith hordefemalehordefemaleoffaith hordemalehordemaleoffaith pandaren

pandarenoffaithAs this is a completely new feature, what do you think of the post format? Does this set suit your preferred race/gender?