It has been a month! I played a decent amount of Guild Wars 2, my dad came for a visit, I resubbed WoW, and a lovely friend gifted me a copy of FFXIV.

In Guild Wars 2…

I joined a guild. I went onto the official forums and saw a guild on my server looking for casual, mature, social gamers, 21+. Thought 21+ sounded a bit high but it did pretty much sum up the kind of guild I like. So I applied, was accepted, and joined. They’re a helpful bunch, I’ll give them that. You ask a question and instead of scoffing they actually answer and I love that. A few are even willing to actively help and I have befriended a couple there which is nice. 🙂

I got my Ranger up to 80 and then discovered that Norns are crap. Yep. It’s true. They can’t jump and they look stupid in everything. Crap. Plus I didn’t like feeling forced to melee if I wanted to do much damage so I shoved her aside after a while and started a Mesmer which is pretty fun. I also started an Elementalist the other night to use the level-to-20 boost thingy I got in my anniversary package. That was all kinds of weird! Interesting class though.

In World of Warcraft…

So I haven’t played much Warcraft in the past month, but I have done a couple of old raids with my guild (plus Rinike, her man, and a friend of theirs) which is what I play for. Just simple fun. We have Mumble chat, varied content, transmog, banter.. it’s just fun. I love it. I also got my Paladin from 72 to 80 to help level our guild which I believe is up to level 18 now so we’re getting there! Not bad for only maybe 7 of us levelling it.

Next patch Flex raiding begins and we’re recruiting for our own team, plus it’s nice to have a few people milling around for fun times and chat in general. So if you’re interested in a bit of casual fun, we welcome all levels, just get in touch. We’re on Alliance side Ghostlands EU.

In Final Fantasy XIV…

This one caught me by surprise to be honest. I saw a lot playing and enjoying the beta and while I really wanted to join them decided not to as I knew I couldn’t afford the game. Then Ravven offered me her spare copy, I had a couple of days of being unable to log in, and then they fixed the servers and I rolled away. I have a character on Odin EU which I’m thinking of remaking (can you even delete characters?) as it’s a Conjurer and meh, and also a Thermy (I shortened it because I can’t be arsed to learn how to spell it yet) on Phoenix EU where I’m in a guild with Wabby, Basky, and Lee and I really like it there! I spent a while last night running around Uldah doing the quests there and getting lost and then finding where I was again and listening to the music and.. argh it’s lovely. I’ve also made a game of spotting terrible and facepalmworthy names. I actually groaned at “Tyrion Targaryen”.


Oh and I got a job, starting Tuesday. So hopefully I can upgrade to the Collector’s Edition of FFXIV soonish and afford the subscription! I’m also hoping to get on with Rift and Diablo III a little soonish if I get time.

So that’s what I’ve been up to in gaming. 🙂