Today I am excited for four of EverQuest Next’s classes have been announced in PC Gamer! There will be many more to come, I’m sure, but discovering future class choices is always exciting, so from EQNexus:

Cleric – Wields either a two-handed hammer or a hammer and shield. Buffing and protecting allies is the typical Clerical duty, but these magic men and women do it with the power of fire, which gives them some killing power, too.

Necromancer – Wielding a tome or a dagger and focus object, the Necromancer summons destructive chaotic energies and comes with a companion: a Monstrosity that grows in power with its master.

Beast Lord – If you’re a fan of ‘trampling’ and ‘savaging,’ the Beast Lord’s furry friends make excellent companions. You can do your own savagin, too, with a flail and shield combination, or a spear for medium range attacks.

Tempest – With two blades or one two-handed blade, the Tempest ‘dances across the battlefield’ and unleashes powerful winds and blasts of lightning. Ought to appeal to fans of action RPGs.

Tempest, mostly, has my eye from these choices. I adore classes that utilise lightning and this one sounds fantastic, even from this small piece of information. I can already picture it playing like a storm itself. My character wielding a huge blade and swooshing towards her enemies in a whirl of wind and lightning, cracking down and breaking the very earth around her feet as her lightning-crackling blade stabs into the very heart of her enemy, and dancing around it until it is no more. rubs hands together Most excellent. Beast Lord, also somewhat has my attention. From the blog title you might guess at my love of all things adorable in the gaming world but usually this comes alongside the Ranger class, so for me it’s interesting to see the first announced pet class sounding a bit more Barbarian than Ranger. Of course it’s all speculation for the moment but it’s always interesting to imagine these things.

For the moment, we don’t know whether or not these will be baseline classes or unlockable ingame or a mixture of the two, or none of the above. Personally, I’d like to hold back on speculating and get the answer from the EverQuest Next officials, but don’t let that stop you. What do you think of these announcements? Base classes or no? Which most catch your eye and what are your hopes?