Last night I picked up the Storm Legion souls from the Rift store. Not only does this mean that I can play the full game once again and try out the apparently fantastic Harbinger soul on my Mage, but I unlocked the green tier of loyalty. Rift is one of few MMOs that gives you worthwhile rewards for spending money and time on their game and I respect them immensely for this. Each coloured tier gives you increasingly improved rewards. The green one unlocked quite a lot, including the Faen’s Retreat dimension which I spent a fair while decorating last night with the items that were given with the green dimension item pack and Warden’s Point.


Of these I unlocked the 21,000 and 30,000 rewards. The 21,000 ones are a pair of cool looking shoulders and a vendor upgrade. Of the 30,000 ones, the Writ gives a title, the bauble allows me to change the appearance of my weapon, and I’ll show you the horse and dimension below.


This is the horse pictured before the front exterior of the Faen’s Retreat building. The horse has quite a ‘Paladin’ appearance to it and I prefer my bears (sorry, Ursin), but it’s still pretty nice. And I added a couple of trees/shrubbery to the exterior. That torch is the first of three leading down to the water.

This is my little pool. I’ve popped in a little platform overlooking the water here which I’m hoping to turn into a little “hang out” area eventually. For now it’s just about tranquility.


The outside looking in. I’ve set up the little reading/dining table just here overlooking the water. I also popped in the armour rack on this side which seems appropriate for an adventurer’s home.


Last but not least, the sleeping area. I picked up some storage where a Mage might keep her gear, the bed, and some food supplies. As basic as it is, I think I’m most proud of this little area.

As you can see, it’s nice and simple. I pretty much just used the items the game has provided so far, as well as a couple of cheap items from the dimension store. However, I think it’s turned out to be a nice little home for my Eth. I’m really looking forward to picking up a foresty type dimension to really play around with when my ingame finances stabilise. Just a shame that I missed out on Gloamwood – that looked like a pretty dimension.

I also joined a new guild last night. I had joined the biggest guild on the server in lieu of any knowledge about guilds worth joining on my shard, purely so that I didn’t feel lonely while playing as none of my friends are in Rift right now, but always keeping my eye on various chat channel advertisements incase something caught my eye. Well last night it did. The advert claimed it was a guild for mature yet silly people who liked to have fun at their own pace and yeah, that’s the kind of place I like to call home so I got in touch and immediately upon joining felt more welcome than I had in the other one. There were 15 people online instead of 100 and there was genuine conversation happening, with banter and everything. And friendly achievement gratsing, which I used to hate but I’ve grown to really love.

So I didn’t level up last night in the end and I’m still sitting just shy of level 55, but all in all I had quite a good evening and today I’m hoping to learn how to play this Harbinger role I’ve equipped over my healing role (let’s face it, it’s never going to get any use) and of course, watch Doctor Who!