I’ve been working on a blog post. It’s nothing major it’s just ended up being longer than I expected and amongst a few days of work I’ve not quite gotten around to finishing it. However. Pets. In Guild Wars 2. I. Can’t. Not. Squee. At. You!!

I popped on Dulfy today to see the new stuff and there are new minis for Wintersday. So I’m scrolling down the page, thinking that the helms are rather cool but perhaps not my thing and: OH MY GOSH! That’s a beagle puppy. FAWN. ARHGJAKCKAL ARCTIC FOX! …Dolyak with a present on his back. breaks ♥ So yeah. My gem wallet may have suddenly increased by 800 gems. Ahem. I still need to work on the Dolyak because I didn’t want to spend too much and I barely have any gold ingame (7g by the time I logged out today) and the exchange rate is absolutely terrible right now but it will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

Here they are in all of their adorableness:

gw2_minis_arcticfox gw2_minis_fawn gw2_minis_beaglepuppy

And now you know what that strange high pitch squeeling sound you heard on the wind earlier today was. Several times.

Which one’s your favourite?