I’m having a really fun Sunday in FFXIV today. I woke up feeling absolutely shattered so it took me a little while to work up the courage to log in. Got a coffee and ran around a little then signed up for my low level duty roulette (dungeon finder, for those who haven’t played this game yet) and was plonked inside Tam-Tara Deepcroft.


The group was great. The tank was good, healer was good, the other damage dealer was good.. and when the healer forgot to come inside the room when the tank pulled one boss which wiped us, guess what? No swearing or namecalling. He apologised, clearly embarrassed, I told him it’s cool, it was an accident, we carried on with no further hiccups. Sure, it was a little quiet for the most part but everybody was friendly and I got myself a nifty hat!


I also got 2 more player commendations bringing my total up to 10 and unlocking my first title.


The chocobo barding I showed you the other day with the pope hat? That’s 300 commendations. And there is a minipet at 50. So that is my goal as I’m not too fussed about the mecha-mounts.

I then went back to my questing and filled in a couple more sections of my Hunting Log in East Shroud, which is so far my favourite zone. Gorgeous forested area with these little fae sylph mobs and wonderful music. I participated in a couple more fates and now I’m going to queue up for a guildhest, which is like a mini-dungeon, and carry on questing. I’m up to level 27 on my Thaumaturge so I’ll likely hit 30 today, thus giving me the chance to go back and get my Archer up to 15 to unlock Black Mage. Woot!

Plus the Sun is shining through the window and I’m enjoying a nice day off. So this Sunday is a good Sunday. 🙂 How are you spending your day?

PS. Have a wallpaper!

Click to embiggen! Resolution: 1920x1080 Location: East Shroud, FFXIV

Click to embiggen!
Resolution: 1920×1080
Location: East Shroud, Gridania – FFXIV