‘Twas the night before PC, and all through the flat, not a creature was stirring, not even a cat. *sadface*
Ethernet cable wound round the room with great care, in the hopes that soon the MMO playing beast would be there..


I get my new PC tomorrow!! I’m very excited. Can you tell? I’ve been attempting to game on a laptop for the past year as my old PC was on its’ last legs, devoid of RAM and a working monitor, and said laptop isn’t really designed for gaming so for months you could likely hear my cries of frustration. Even before I got my laptop, my PC wasn’t amazing. A little better, granted, but not by much as it was several years old at this point (pre-Burning Crusade Warcraft old). So imagine my delight when my dear father offered to buy me a PC for Christmas. This is exactly why my budget was £600, for those wondering. I could neither ask him for any more, nor afford to add in any money of my own.

The finalised specs took a fair bit of poking around. First, my dad’s friend was going to be building me a PC and my dad would drive over for a weekend with it (he lives 230 miles away, for a little perspective). Suicidal Zebra and Moketronics were fantastically helpful in refining those particular specs but then that fell through and he almost gave me his PC which is mega but that also fell through and then my dad just came down anyway, which was a lovely weekend, and gave me the money to spend as I saw fit. Then the frustration began as I asked and asked for help, consistently being told to build it myself. While I appreciate that this is the best option, I am technologically inept and Dan isn’t too much better so that wasn’t really the option for me.

So we were looking at pre-built options, myself and the internet. Many of you were very very helpful (a couple.. not so much..), honourable mention to JackBeanStalker, but it was dear Mr. Ocho who came up with the final specs for a PC built through PC Specialist. I put the order through on the 26th December and it should be arriving tomorrow! Eek! I shall reveal the specs then so as to keep you in suspense – lucky you. We picked up a monitor through Dan’s catalogue, I ordered an ethernet cable, all that’s missing now is a desk that isn’t broken.

In the meantime, I’m pondering what to play on the machine that will actually run games (I think it needs a catchier name, don’t you agree?). Obviously, I’ll be able to enjoy Rift and Guild Wars 2 much more. Graphically, and beyond. I can’t wait to see how pretty these games can be for real. Of course, I won’t necessarily be running the games on full graphics, even with the new computer, because I’ll be particularly enjoying the smoothness of gameplay. The ability to get out of the shit and play in groups!! I seriously can’t wait.

However, my biggest excitement is reserved for The Secret World and FFXIV:ARR, both of which I really, really tried to play on my laptop to no avail. Gameplay is choppy at best, mobs don’t spawn before they try to kill me, and then some. It was not enjoyable but the little I did experience I adored. So these will be the first games I install and jump into.

But then there are others I’ve been wanting to try out, including Neverwinter, Tera, many of the games I have on Steam, not forgetting the upcoming MMOs which doubtless wouldn’t have run on my laptop either. I just don’t know where I’m going to end up. It’s a little intimidating, actually, but mostly exciting! I just can’t wait to finally be able to play the games that I want to play. And a huge thank you to everybody who tried to help me with the specs, even the unnamed peeps. I’m totally rubbish at this stuff so couldn’t have done it without you.