Disclaimer: If you think this post is aimed at you – it isn’t. The kind of people I’m talking about aren’t in the blogging community. 🙂

Right. Where to begin. Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. taps desk in thought

Okay. I suspect you’d like some information before hearing my thoughts so here you go. Pantheon finally has a Kickstarter. There’s a video, there’s loads of info, there’s even a couple of pre-alpha screenshots. Go check it out if you have been at all intrigued by Brad McQuaid’s upcoming mystery MMO and then come back here for my thoughts. It’s cool, I can wait.


Okay great, welcome back.

So I’m not sure how to feel. I’m simultaneously excited and apprehensive. We are being promised a vast, high fantasy world inhabited by a whole bunch of gods, with an involved combat system, lots to explore, and this part gets me: challenge. They want to bring back the challenging aspect of Everquest, basically, but in a more modern MMO setting. You’ll need to group. Death penalty’s will be severe. It won’t be easy. And you know what? I’m okay with that. Some people love that and that’s great. Group content is a great way to bring players together and it’s nice to see that they are catering for this niche in MMORPGs which currently isn’t being filled.

However.. There’s this certain phrasing that raises concerns within me. “An MMO developed by gamers who aren’t afraid to target an audience of like-minded gamers.”

I have nothing against catering for folk who prefer a more challenging experience, absolutely nothing at all. But the wording here screams: “All those other MMOs are bending the knee in order to make money and they’re too frightened to do what it is that we’re doing. Pussies.” And this then gets me thinking about the kind of community this game will attract..

Time and time again, an MMO will be released and there’s a small group of people who desperately want a tougher experience. They want to get lost looking for items to feel fully immersed, they want a tougher death penalty and more challenge in their combat and so on and so forth but are constantly denied exactly what it is that they want. The old school experience. The problem is.. a lot of them are embittered about this and this is the section of people who attack games for not being what they want them to be.

It’s all well and good being disappointed when the games you want don’t live up to expectations but when these people start attacking games for not catering to them and then attacking the players for playing this “terrible game”, I don’t have a lot of respect for them. And where do you think they will go?

But.. Pantheon looks great. I really do hope it reaches its’ Kickstarter goal and just having the page open for the past hour, funding has gone up by $3000-4000, which is incredible. But I’m concerned by the overall community. So please, future Pantheon community. Please be warm and welcoming to others and don’t be dicks. Because I am somewhat nervous.

What are your thoughts? Think the target goals past basic funding are a little too insane (crafting at $2.5m? Really?)? Prefer the type of game that does cater to a more diverse playerbase? Reckon I’m thinking too much into it too soon? Wish I’d shutup so you can go pledge right now? Leave your comments below. 🙂