FFXIV is getting most of my attention right now, mostly because it’s the one game I have actively subscribed to, but also because it feels so different to the games that I usually play.

At launch, Ravven gifted me her spare copy of the game (for which I am still eternally grateful) and I installed and loaded in. I immediately fell in love. The game is gorgeous, the music is beautiful, I can play a cat-girl, there’s much cute in moogles and chocobos, it’s just.. something else. It was my very first Final Fantasy experience and perhaps my first non-generic fantasy MMO experience as well. There is a lot that isn’t so different to your usual MMO, and there is a lot that feels incredibly grindy, but what it does well, it does really well.

Sadly, at this time I didn’t have Dragon and I could barely play. I made it to somewhere around level 16 before being constantly killed by mobs that wouldn’t load which became frustrating, and the choppiness of the game in general while running around on 3fps just became unbearable. So I walked away. Saddened that I had to leave Eorzea so early.

Along Comes A Dragon


But then a few months later my PC arrived and the first thing I did, near enough, was install FFXIV, subscribe, and start a new character on Psyche‘s server, Odin EU. She is pretty much the same as my first character but the hair’s more red than pink (now that I could see the colours properly), and already I’ve near enough caught up to where my first character got to in just a couple of days. Perhaps because I knew how to play and which paths to take, or perhaps because the gameplay is so much smoother now.

My aim is to upgrade my game to the collector’s edition the moment I can afford it because I desperately want to get my hands on the Coeurl mount and the baby Behemoth (aka Pig in a Wig), which is to be expected really when you consider my blog’s name. I just adore the minipets in this game so very much. I’ve been coming across some adorable little guys and plan to go all out when I’ve levelled a bit more. To start with, I bought a baby chocobo from the vendor in Ul’dah because I was getting lonely without a companion. True story. But eventually I shall have an army of adorable!


I shall also be aiming to level Black Mage, methinks. My “thing” in MMOs is usually a bursty mage type, or a ranger type. I decided to go with the mage in FFXIV and so I’ll get my Thurmy up to level 30, then I’ll level Archer to 15, and then I’ll pew like a crazy lady. Aw yeah. 😀

I also received my first player commendation last night! Not long before I logged for the night I ran my first guildhest. Figured I might as well unlock the levee system and do my first of both, so I queued up and had a smooth little group and when I left I had a commendation. I wasn’t aware this was a thing so with a little searching I found out that at the end of a Duty, if you queued up solo you can choose to give out player commendations for people who play well, are friendly, and so on. One per group. Basically an incentive to not be a dick when using the group finder. I wish I’d known this before leaving because I didn’t get the pop up option to give any out but it was nice to be acknowledged! I presume it’s because I actually spoke as it was literally just kill a couple of packs and then a boss, but it’s still a nice feeling. With further research, I discovered there are rewards and and and…

Princely Barding


So that’s that. Do beware, however, that if you group with me, I am going a little screenshot crazy right now because I’m enjoying how pretty everything is.

Anyway, I’m off to Eorzea. Laters taters!