I’m guessing that by now, everybody interested has seen the standard and collector’s editions of Elder Scrolls Online with pre-order bonuses and box price?


I considered it. I really did. I mean it’s Elder Scrolls in an MMO setting, I’m bound to adore it. I love fantasy. I love MMOs. I love exploration. It’s right up my street. But I’m not happy, guys. I hate the idea of missing out on stuff by not getting the CE (though I assume you can upgrade to the CE later if you decide to), or pre-ordering, and I just can’t justify spending £50 on a game that I’d then have to pay £8.99 per month on on top of that.. We’re on minimum wage in this household. It’s just not a viable cost for us. Even at 20% off at Green Man Gaming. It wouldn’t be so bad if it were buy-to-play, and I’m not even against the idea of subscription fees, I just think that you either charge one or the other, not both.

So I’ve decided that I will not be getting Elder Scrolls Online. Not yet, at least. Yes, it sucks that I’ll miss the pre-order bonus. I like having race options and I’m pretty much “gotta catch ’em all!” when it comes to minipets, and the explorer maps sound just my thing, but I’m feeling a little miffed that this company would rather charge its’ fans through the roof and give us John Cleese than try to include more people. Surely hiring lesser-known voice actors who would do just as good a job at smaller cost and perhaps charging a smaller box price and.. you know.. not forcing people to pay extra to unlock an entire race followed by a subscription fee as well would be just fine? As it stands, I will not be playing Elder Scrolls Online at launch. I just can’t warrant that kind of money for something I am not hyped up about. I want to play it, but not enough to sacrifice having a comfortable life this month.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this game doesn’t do as well as they seem to be expecting.. I haven’t said it so far, I like to give games a good chance to prove otherwise but these guys seem to be banking on their fanbase loving Elder Scrolls games enough to make it work for them and not quite realising that putting a price tag on everything is not the way to win loyalty, which is really what’s at stake here.

Sigh. Oh well. I have more than enough to play in the meantime. Just hoping WildStar starts announcing release dates and open beta soon, as that is a game I am much more psyched up for.

Later Addition: Trying to jiggle some finances and see if I can afford it.. but still not happy about that price for a digital standard edition. At all.