Last night I found myself aimlessly game hopping. The joys of the apathy part of depression. I played some Rift, then moved on to Tera but after being complimented on my pixel ass moved back to Rift to play my Rogue alt (Denna) as a Ranger type. I did a dungeon on her with some guildies which was nice, and then quested a little, but found myself pondering Guild Wars 2 when Belghast, knight in shining armour that he is, sent over a code for EverQuest Next Landmark closed beta. Cue squeeing and immediate client download. EverQuest Next is the MMO that I am very most looking forward to of all the upcoming releases and with my current interest in dimensioneering in Rift, Landmark is only a logical step for me.

EverQuest Next Landmark


I did ponder popping onto Mumble with Bel and the gang but as by this point it was 2am (I’m up late at the moment, yet another joy) and Dan was watching TV across the room, I opted to just listen in on his stream and mine copper like there was no tomorrow.

For those who haven’t yet experienced or followed the game very much, here is the basic premise.

EverQuest Next Landmark is a branch game of EverQuest Next. It is not a prequel or even technically a part of the main game, it is a game in itself.

To be able to build, you must claim a spot of land by placing a claim flag. There are different types of land you can build on (forested, snowy, desert..) and to get your hands on a flag, you must gather materials, some of which you will need a better pickaxe and chopping axe than the ones you begin with to be able to gather. Bel helped me skip this step so that I wouldn’t miss out on the good claims as these are open world, but regardless I started on going for my upgraded bits and pieces and ended the night with my copper pickaxe which allows me to mine better materials than the stone one I started with.

You can also craft items to make you more likely to find rare materials, run faster. You can buy outfits in the store – Jess and Bel (I presume it was Jess) were having a nice conversation about these, though I’ve stuck with the default for now. And you can craft stations to allow you to smelt and create to your heart’s content.

It’s pretty and a lot of fun. And I haven’t even started the building part yet! I am, of course, in as Jaedia if you want to connect.