It has been a little while, hasn’t it peeps? I’ve been having a bit of a quarter-life crisis over in IRL land which has me distracted. I popped home for about a week and a half to stay with my dad. Initially to get my car M.O.T.ed, as he’s a mechanic, but it turned into a need for a break so I did that. We spent some time together. I relaxed, rested up, and saw some old friends. It was lovely. But I’m back at home with my lovely PC once again so time to crack the knuckles and get spouting some rubbish on my blog in the name of good fun!

Newbie Blogger Initiative


So first on the agenda, the NBI is coming up! I keep frickin’ missing this when it comes around so I’m really happy that I’m blogging here this time because it’s a frickin’ awesome idea that I want to be involved in. I’m looking forward to meeting new bloggers and pushing a few others into joining in also (hint, hint, hint).

The Shake Up

My gaming world’s being shaken up a little also. Guild Wars 2 is the same as ever. I have a guild there who are pretty nice, they do stuff, sometimes they chat. It’s not really what I’m looking for in a guild as it still feels a little hollow to me but it’s the best I’ve found so far so that’s good enough. I’m currently chomping at the bit to check out the new patch, particularly the new wardrobe features. I may have spent a bunch of gold yesterday purchasing random gear pieces for my various characters to play with! The account-wide dye system will be fantastic, also. I always wanted that.

In Landmark I lost my claim while at my dad’s so I haven’t been back there in a little while. I will do, I just know how big a time sink it will be and my sleep pattern is buggered as is.


And in Rift.. well.. I still adore the game and the friends I’ve made but there’s a bit of a guild shake up going on and I’m hoping that we can reach an end point with that tonight with the big chat scheduled this evening so things can get back to just being fun again. In the meantime, I have started a Warrior alt with a friend, ran my first level 60 expert, and I’m working towards completing quests in all of the zones I’ve missed and get myself a new title. I spied the 75 companion pets achievement grants you “Mistress of the Menagerie” and well… Perfect for me. I believe I’m only 10 off 75 now and I’m working on a wee guide so I have a reference to follow.

Meanwhile, In IRL Land

I’m still on a low at the moment. I’ve taken one big step in the right direction, a step that will be a struggle financially but for my mental health is a positive one. It took me a long time to really seriously weigh up the pros and cons of the decision but I finally got there and I had a lovely break at my dad’s which allowed me to really rest up and get some perspective. More decisions and steps to take, so I don’t know when I’ll be back to my old cheerful self really, but I’m having to take my time so as not to overwhelm myself too much with the stress of it all. Besides, I haven’t reached a conclusion yet.

We’ll also be moving in little over a week. Not too far, just a new flat down the road which is in a quieter area and feels more homely than our current place. It also has a little patio which I’m looking forward to making use of when it gets warm for the readings and maybe a spot of outdoor laptop gaming.

However, I need to work out my financial situation. And sort things out with my work. This is something I’m currently avoiding avidly but it has to be done. I plan to start by volunteering in a local charity shop to keep me getting out and about and then ponder my options. I could do a bit of ebaying and/or online bookselling. There’s dog walking. I enjoy blogging and helping people as well. I think I’d make a good counsellor I’m just a little too empathetic for my own good. At the moment I don’t know what to do but whatever it is, it needs to be something I can take slowly as stress will just cause me to drop again and we don’t want that when I’ve been taking such positive steps!

Hopefully I’ll get there soon. Too many decisions to make right now.. but in the meantime I’d really like to be a fair bit more active here. So give me supportive nudges and kick my arse if you notice me not blogging. 😉