Guild Wars 2’s feature pack hit on the night of the big conversation in the Rift guild. It was an odd night, full of anticipation, sadness, and confusion. I was afraid of the things happening in my life outside of my games. I was excited for the Guild Wars 2 changes. And sad that I had to choose which guild to go with.. and confused because I didn’t know who was going or staying where and all I want to do is play with friends. People who make my escape into game worlds fun.


After the chat, many logged because they were tired, understandably, so I headed into Tyria to pretty up my Elementalist. The ever loveable Urebril gifted me the Celestial Dye which made me squee with delight and immediately change my colour scheme (it looks a little dirty in the screenie above but I promise that’s the lighting) and I’m so happy with her overall look right now. The amount of skin showing is unintentional, I just really like that skirt skin.


I also discovered a rather vicious looking Charr playing beautiful music on his flute. I really wish I could have taken a video to share with you guys but here’s an example from YouTube of somebody else:

Back into Rift the next day and many left the guild following the decision to split from the White Wolves community. It was a bittersweet evening, really. We’re all sad that it came down to a split, but there are at least no hard feelings amongst the Rift crowd. I decided to stick around for the evening because I was still somewhat undecided knowing that other friends were still undecided also. I hopped around a few dimensions, taking screenshots to steal ideas maniacal cackle and a few of us went off to the level 50 Drowned Halls raid and killed some baddies. I stuck around a while afterwards having a good old chat with a friend and pretty much made my decision on which guild to call home.


So yesterday I left The White Wolves to join Dawn Eternal (supposed to be Eternal Dawn but it was taken, apparently). Immediately feeling at home with the people I’ve come to call friends, whilst hopping around yet more dimensions for further idea thievery.

A little later that evening, after I’d ensconced myself in loud metal music and PvP to totally drown out my thoughts, we went off to do a couple of dungeons. Five of us got together and.. well.. none of us were healers (except for our tank but then we didn’t have a tank because the rest of us were Mages and Spate) so…


That’s right, my dearies. Jae healed! And she has pictoral evidence. I’ve been so adamantly against doing anything but dpsing for so many years but I’m so at home with these guys that I was happy to switch over, throw some bars together, and give it a bash knowing that they would be patient with me and I had so much fun. We all did.

Chloromancer is an interesting little build. The main idea is to dps and your abilities heal everybody up but there are buffs and direct heals and such to go around also. It’s all based on nature damage and healing, and I spent the two dungeons we did – one at level 50 for a lower level peep, and one normal mode level 60 when they went to bed – trying to work out what the heck my abilities did and we died a fair bit, but it was a learning curve and we had a lot of fun with that.

I think today I’m going to read and watch a few Chloromancer guides and tweak my build, macros, and bar set-up to really suit my playstyle so that I can do this properly because heck I had fun. I really did. I may also work out what to do in my dimension. I found some excellent melded items in people’s dimensions and I cannot wait to create something that people walk into and just say, “Wow. This is amazing.” Watch this space!