Jae is back, peeplets!! And just in time for the new patch in Guild Wars 2. These are exciting times in Casa Jae, with new beginnings in irl land, and returns to empassioned hobbies on the land of the interwebs.

Before I go off on a tangent, this patch in Guild Wars 2. I had no idea it was due, I was just browsing the Guild Wars 2 Reddit yesterday and found mention of an email talking about a new patch, lo and behold it was sitting there in my inbox and got me all excited with its’ mentions of the return to the Crown Pavilion (which I missed last year due to the terrible framerate on my laptop not really allowing for much happenings in the gauntlet), and also endless Dolyak calf tonics… cue squeeing I adore the Dolyaks, they’re so so cute! ahem Sorry, there’s that tangent again.

Anyway. So I set up the Guild Wars 2 branch of Eternal Dawn yesterday, finally. It’s a pretty common guild name so I had to settle on ‘Eternal Dawn Community’ in the end but we made it.


To begin with, we aren’t recruiting. I’m considering inviting friends of the community, but at present the guild consists of myself and a few curious souls from our Rift and SW:tOR guilds so we can’t guarantee an active guild at this time, but I would love to see a few faces when I do log in to play.

Teragog kindly granted us a bunch of influence so I’ve been queuing up research for the guild which will allow us to unlock guild emblems, the guild bank, guild activities and all sorts of nice things so thank you Tera for that! Guild influence can usually be earned by logging in and doing activities with other guildies, or you can buy a certain NPC ‘drinks’ and he’ll increase your influence, and 4,000 influence is a lot of alcoholic beverages. So yeah, a big help.

I’ve also gone ahead and joined the Dragon Season guild for the quiet moments. I’ve always wanted to join them having followed them on Twitter for a long time but being on Gandara, I didn’t see the point. Now we have the megaserver I figured it’d be a good time as it’s much easier to group with other players on your cluster. But I pretty much just like to have folk to chat to when I’m gaming, so being able to join multiple guilds is ideal.

Festival of the Four Winds


This patch introduced the new living story season. We met up with the group once more (Rox, Marjory, et al) and ventured off to the Labrynthine Cliffs. Queen Jennah has also once more opened up the Crown’s Pavilion.

There are new things, and reintroductions of old things, so I am very much looking forward to diving in to the new content. I’ve already made a little start but only out of curiosity, so I’m hoping to dedicate a chunk of time to working through all of the achievements and really exploring everything.

What I have seen so far, however, is fantastic, and while I know a lot seem to be annoyed by the new patch, I love it. And I’m really hoping to get some Black Lion tickets together for the Phoenix weapons because they are absolutely gorgeous! Maybe I’ll get lucky and find a total makeover kit in one of the boxes, you never know.