I shall not lie. I have not been following WildStar as heartily as I could have been, and more than once I almost decided not to bother. However, the closer it gets to launch day – especially after I had to say no to Elder Scrolls Online in the end – the more I’ve found myself just wanting to jump into the Nexus.

Cue Gazimoff’s Pre-Launch Primer to get me appropriately hyped up for the WildStar launch and knowledgeable enough to load in and play. I’m going to roll Aurin, I’ve always known that, and go for the Explorer path because I love wandering off to explore and achieve things, but so far I had been undecided between Esper or Spellslinger.. I’ve leant towards Spellslinger but Esper could also be cool. I’m not usually a fan of classes wielding guns but Spellslinger looks fun regardless and Esper looks a little like WildStar’s version of a Mesmer.. hmm.. Both can be Aurin so I’m safe either way!

However I did pop into the open beta last night and had a little play around. So I think I’m safe in saying that I will be going with an Aurin Spellslinger Explorer with the Architect and Survivalist crafting skills. Maybe I’ll make an Esper on Dominion side as I know Gazimoff, Wabby, and Kadomi are planning to play Dominion. But do let me know if you’re rolling Exile EU side! We can all roll up on an RP server and have some fun with the bunny people, funky humans, space zombies, and rock folk.

There’s a lot in this game already so I’m sensing some success coming WildStar’s way. Personally, I’m excited to try out their tradeskills and player housing. I have heard amazing things about their player housing and I can’t wait to get into that! I’m a late bloomer in the player housing activity having only recently gotten into it in Rift but it definitely seems to be a passion of mine in MMOs. I am very impressed with the improvements made to WildStar and the polish since I last tried it. Everything from character creation finally adding a little more variety down to quest text and the UI being a lot more manageable. And oh my the music, I see what you mean about the music. I now very much can’t wait to give this game a good play at launch! Still not sure if I’ll be in headstart but I will be playing.

Something Sweet and Heartwarming

And I’m sure you’ve all seen this by now but just incase you haven’t…

This video is so lovely, and seeing companies go out of their way to give back to their fans will always make me respect them immensely, whatever their reasons might be. Carbine? You are amazing. I’m sorry I haven’t followed you guys a little more closely over the past few months. I also want one of the little sheep guy plushies. Keep being awesome.