Fridays are Eternal Dawn’s “raid night” in Rift. I say raid night because we usually venture into raid content.. but it’s always level 50 raid content, and sometimes we do dungeons due to not enough people online. But even so, we PvE some in a group and Malbec gets drunk on wine and my delightful company.

This particular Friday was my first time back in one of these guild events in over a month, maybe more, in fact, as we weren’t actively arranging content after the guild split. So it was strange remembering how to heal in my Chloromancer build (which I still can’t work out why the game lists me as support in) and trying to wake everybody up. I was actually feeling quite low in myself when we got started but by the end of the night I was in stitches. And I didn’t get many screenshots at all. (I blame Spate.)

We kicked things off in the Drowned Halls. The easiest of the old 10 mans, with me healing (of course), and others who sometimes healed, sometimes didn’t. I’m not really sure I was too busy inwardly whimpering. I’m still trying to figure my way around the healing ways as it’s been years since I did anything of the sort but I absolutely love the challenge and blaming anybody who isn’t me when I make a mistake! I particularly love healing for Simmy and Teragog when they get tanking but I’m definitely intrigued to see Malbec Mage tanking. I picked up the new souls a couple of days ago and the Arbiter spells are very cool looking.

We blasted through Drowned Halls and moved on to the Sandy Raid Place. We all started getting a bit silly in this one. Wandering off in the wrong direction while one guildy waits for us to reach the dead end and then chooses to tell us we went the wrong way, then there’s the Simon Says boss which had me giggling, and at some point here I started randomly shouting at a guildy and I think I was the only one particularly amused by it but that’s just the kind of mood I was in by this point. Silly. It was good fun. We saw a guy about a Cosmic Rhinocerous and moved onto.. was it Rise of the Phoenix? Something with a Phoenix in it.


This is the raid we full on faceplanted our way through. A whole lot of, “I seem to remember this particularly vague tactic.. hmm..” following with, “Okay, so vague tactic, LEEROY!” Not naming names or anything (Teragog). But the highlight of the evening, by far, had to be the trash. I never thought I’d have quite so much fun wiping on a trash mob. Seriously. We must have wiped to this one molten rock giant for at least half an hour before giving up and moving onto another trash pack to boost morale.. which also killed us. There was a lot of giggling all around, it was good fun.

We did eventually get to the last boss who is gorgeous and I want him as a minipet.. But we pretty much just died. A lot. Until midnight rolled around and we called it for the night. I know a couple of folk were recording us so I’m looking forward to seeing their videos. I’ve been way more into Guild Wars 2 since getting the net back but this has to have been one of my favourite event nights so far.