I’m not going to lie, I researched how to write poetry to remind myself how to form a poem, it has been years since I dabbled and when I last dabbled I was 17, angsty, into Sylvia Plath and thought rhyming was overrated.. So this time I tried to write a sonnet but it got a little longwinded and isn’t necessarily using a magic theme but I think I got it in there well enough. I suck at this, but it’s all in the nature of fun, right? ūüėČ

The Sightseer is a Gypsy in some regards
Whilst many would call¬†her ‘Tourist’
She considers that a house of cards
Though may be somewhat a purist
Roving throughout lands of fantasy
The sights she meets are such magic
Spells woven in glimmering tapestry
And odd wolves carrying fabric…
Upon a starry night she roamed
Through another curious land
She fell upon a guild house domed
And took a friendly hand

“Welcome to the Eternal Dawn!”
They cried around bonfire bright
The old tarot before her drawn
Displayed a home she knew was right
Through dungeons dank they fought as one
The Sightseer’s flames an aide
Their magic powers laid upon
Those monsters they have slayed

Her gaming term the Sightseer defends
For ‘Gypsy’ and ‘Tourist’ cover it not
Flitting through worlds is not worth a jot
When she knows the magical warmth of friends