Disclaimer: I do not apologise for my most excellent of the MS Paint skills. If you would like to thank anybody personally, you can thank Simcha and Lodur for the idea. You’re welcome! The internet is still not working at Casa Jae as there’s an issue on our line and we need engineers to come out and fix that *sob*, so I thought I’d talk a little about the games I have been playing during the internet dry-season that has been early May.

That's a router with no internet connection, not a cassette tape.

That’s a router with no internet connection, not a cassette tape.

Before we moved I made sure all of the games I might want to play were installed, updated, and able to load through Steam so that I didn’t get blocked from playing something I really fancied, because I never know what’s going to take my fancy in a week’s time. I’ve played all sorts over the past couple of weeks. Fable, Skyrim, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, The Witcher, Torchlight I & II, Long Live The Queen, Solitaire.. Some good, some average, all wasting the hours until I can once again jump back into the world of MMOs I love so very much.

Points if you can guess the game!

Points if you can guess the game!

And oh, how I miss my MMOs! I miss logging into an avatar that I can customise any way I want, listening to the fantastic music that goes into these games, talking to my friends and spending time with them, exploring worlds whilst talking to friends and just.. everything. When you find a hobby that you truly love, it’s tough to pin down every single thing that you love about it. I’ve also missed out on the new Rift patch. I hear the new souls are fairly pricey and I want to get my arse into gear and get farming some REX so I can afford them. I’m supposed to be setting up a little twig of Eternal Dawn in Guild Wars 2 as it’s a game that I have a real passion for, and a few in the guild would like to give it a little go as well.


This is a twig.

In the ever-changing world of MMORPGs, time is passing. I have internet via BT hotspot but all it’s doing is teasing me as I watch people enjoying the WildStar open beta and the new stuff rolling in and all I can do is play Civ 5 for a little bit until it crashes because Windows 8. At this rate, I won’t leave the house for at least a week when I do retain access to my ever-precious MMO worlds. Just you wait.


Hermit Jae playing MMOs. Yay! Colour and internet and things!

In seriousness, however, the engineers should be coming out on Thursday, supposedly. Just have to cross all fingers and toes that they’re able to get us connected finally. I miss you guys!!