I took a forced blogging break yesterday as I just know I won’t be able to keep up this daily blogging malarky I have going on at the moment, however I do have things to talk about so here I am again!

After a chat with a friend on why he chose the server he did – he wanted to experience the content, do some dungeons and try the raids – I came to the realisation that I’m still a PvEr at heart. Yes, I gave up raiding because of time commitments, inevitable clashes of ideas, and wandering interests. And yes, I have been tired of forcing myself to level, gear up, learn my class thoroughly, and so on. But WildStar is bringing out a part of me that has been dormant since World of Warcraft’s Wrath of the Lich King Ulduar patch, and that is a very, very long time.

There is something about this new world, with its’ fun action-based combat and choices to make over the most effective spell abilities to use – as well as what’s affordable – and challenging mechanics to watch out for, there are genuinely tough situations.. there is a challenge to this cartoon-looking world I’ve seen so many sniff at, a combat system I truly love, and a sleeping dragon has awoken in me to experience this. Plus, knowing that the Pi & Chips circle will always be there, I don’t feel as though I’m abandoning anybody by looking for a guild that plans to focus on WildStar PvE content. I feel I need a guild with direction for this.

So I spoke to Missy about wanting to try out the raiding in this game, and she told me she’d like to come with me. I was overjoyed! I also asked another friend who’d rolled with us who’s also interested and set about browsing the Lightspire realm forums and also GuildEx and Reddit for a suitable fit for us. I’m very thorough when I want to be. I put forward a few with potential to these two and one in particular seemed to stand out for us.

The Voidrunners: What Drew Us In

The stand out guild for us is called The Voidrunners. Here are the important parts of their manifesto.

Yes to progressive raiding. No to a second job and hard raid rules. We’ll go for the pink but we’ll do so at our own pace whilst maintaining a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Yes to involving all types of content in our guild via high player initiative. No to only officers having organisational rights for events. You want to see more events or opportunities for specific content? Apply to be a facilitator and have the freedom and tools to arrange them as you see fit.
And perhaps most importantly, yes to freedom for the individual member and yes to equality. No to lists of rules and no to rank division aside from a logistical standpoint. We don’t tie you down with needless rules or forced attendance and don’t tolerate elitist behaviour from leadership over the members.

The Voidrunners guild is all about being a friendly place to hang out and find people to play together with in your favourite piece of content… There will be no elitism from raiders versus non raiders or officers playing favourites. Simply put, if you don’t behave in the Voidrunners, you earn a quick ticket out of here no matter who you are or what rank you hold.

PvE: Whilst leveling and attuning, recruiting people to be able to consistently field a 20 man raid group and, for the less hardcore inclined, have plenty of people to form groups with for other PvE content. Two officers, of which one is a raid leader, are currently working to achieve this goal.

We want people that log into the game to look forward to spending time with their guildies and contribute to a healthy atmosphere. There will be little tolerance for anyone bringing harm to that.

Not everyone can solo primes, tear apart Dommies 1 vs 2 or come up with grand RP characters and events. We certainly won’t force you but helping out guildies who need it is appreciated. This is a community after all and we are here to get things done together.

Datpinktho. We are going for that pink. Yes we aim to clear out the raid scene but we will not be going for server firsts. We’ll do it at our own pace with a somewhat mild raiding schedule of which the details are to be decided. We want people who cannot invest all their free time into the game to be able to participate, and it is not supposed to become a second job.

And while it is not a guarantee there may be people willing to help you train and get better so that eventually you can join. In the end though, it is your responsibility to be ready for the content you enter and not that of the guild.

TL;DR: A PvE-focused guild with a friendly, helpful community of players who want to experience the content that Nexus has to offer at a relaxed pace with an understanding that not everybody can play all the time. Thus help is available, but hand-holding not so much.

And We’re In

As this seemed pretty unanimous, last night I kept my eye out for the guild’s leader and when I spied him in one of the channels I leapt on him. I was quite happy when he recognised me as one half of Team JaeJae.

He recruits by conversation, which is fantastic, and prefers that people find him as that way, he hopes, the right kind of people will join. This is exactly how I’ve seen Eternal Dawn recruiting in Rift and I think it’s pretty much spot on. So last night, I got an invite into The Voidrunners (or The Voidbringers, as I have been calling it, because gosh darnit, Brandon Sanderson) and I’m very excited to be moving forward. I believe a couple others are also coming along, which is fantastic!

Guys – I really can’t wait to PvE in a game with such a fun combat system and challenging content with excellent people to enjoy it with!

PS. I also got my mount last night and still have  a little gold left over – Survivalists are awesome. I think this is why I’m so behind everybody else.